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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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novem a part-timer user from S A writes:
i first was looking to buy a cs1-x...what with the price falling like runny poo. the csx-2 is going to drop the $ so so fast. anyway i checked out the djx and really could appreciate the contemporary techno sounds (more up to date,& not so cheesy)also the cs1-x midi has been such a pain in the colon powell. i like the cs1-x, but the sounds are a little to dated...cs2-x will fix.. . also i do not see the all the crap with the roland eats this..and the yamaha sucks that..if your making techno (any music) you are the lighthouse of the whole global awakening...act like it is a gift. last.. .fx-proccessors can make all the difference (also see guitar pedals) i could make a fat beat from just sampling a girl in Extacy and the 10'o clock in that.its the way you percieve life that makes dreams into reality.... .. peace.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-22-1999 at 01:44
James Longwood a part-timer user from England writes:
Right. I'm gonna review this in a different way. We all (should) know how bloody excellent this synth is, so I'll just analyse your criticisms. The first posts are obviously crap. The age thing: this is a professional synth, just stepping out of the 'keyboard' range. No 12-year olds are going to buy this. They don't realise its value to the extent that they will pay what seems to them, but not to us, a hell of a lot of cash. Leave them to the 2 octave mini casio keyboards, complete with 10 voices and 5 rythms. Hmm... you complain about the built-in speakers. Actually these are damn good 'uns. Who cares whether they're on board, plenty of much more expensive synths have on board speakers. Remember that this is designed to be portable. I think they're a good idea. What do you mean 'battery-powered'? Who actually uses batteries. They'll drain in 20 mins. Use an adaptor, duh! Non-backlit LCD? C'mon, guys, let's not get petty. I suggest you buy one of those new tiny little MAG-LITE Solitaire torch/flashlights. I've got one and they're only about 5 cm long, powered by one AAA battery! They cost about ten quid. Turn it on and position it near the LCD. Realtime controls do nothing? Anyone who said this has either never touched a DJX or played with it for such a short time that they didn't work out how to use them. You can adjust them to make them more powerful if you're not satisfied. As far as I can see, there's nothing wrong with the voices. On the contrary. They're excellent. Just read Adrian's post for more info. Good as a 'backup synth', but couldn't stand alone? I'm sure you could manage some okay stuff with just the DJX. Especially those like 'skoob', starting out in the music world, which brings me to my conclusion. The DJX could be a hundred quid more and I wouldn't complain. But it's the fact that it's not that makes it so good. You can do a fuck of a lot with the DJX, and more, and for this price range it is definitely unparalelled. It's better than the CS1x, which costs over 400 quid, and much better than all of Roland's MC-xxx rubbish. Look at the MC-303. A load of shit for a load of cash. Look at the DJX. An excellent synth for an excellent price. It's well-suited to those starting out in dance music or pros who are looking for something more to add to their arsenal. Look out Roland, the DJX is your new rival!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-07-1999 at 09:24
AdamT a part-timer user from UK writes:
A Mate of mine bought one for trying out ideas on and for his son to use and let me have a jam on it... Verdict, had a whale of a time!. have to agree with the German guy, Adrian, full scale.. I`m not a Pro-DJ, I do however produce all sorts of electronic music and one of these can be an excellent starting block for any of the dance genres, it`s how you USE it. even functions as a GM Module of good quality for the price if need be.. don`t knock the built in stereo speakers,, the famous ARP2600 vintage Semi-Modular also has them (don`t see them putting people off that!) and in both cases are useful for just working out sounds or jamming..

For £250 UK, (cheaper in the states!!! boo) you`re getting a lot of enjoyment rolled into one package..... worth a 5 if only because it takes the piss out of Roland`s tacky overpriced "Groove Approved" shit.. I think Yamaha did this delibaretly just as they did with the superb AN1x

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-06-1999 at 17:01
Skoob a hobbyist user from England writes:
Well, I have only played with this in a store for about an hour, and I'm gonna give the DJX a favourable review. It sounds the businesss, with good backing tracks - the funk and r+b ones were great, as was the trip hop thing. The lead and bass sounds are good - the bass is nice and deep, and the rock organs sound great - really good for cheesy retro-funk. probably the most immpressive thing was the arpeggiator - so cheap for so much fun! this kbd is head and shoulders better than the CS1x, which sucks majorly. Forget the speakers, amp it! If you dont have much gear like me, this is a cheap way to get sounds and lots of instant fun when you cant be bothered to program drums. and the knobs DO work, the effects are hidden, but the phaser is cute. oh, and IMHO the one thing i didnt like in the store was the ribbon. still... the guy in the store i saw it in was trying NOT to sell it to me - he kept saying 'That's quite unusual, not like other keybs'. He also told me a PSR8000 was better than a Trinity. T Twat. The DJX is a great little instrument, despite the garish design and shockingly naff marketing (have you seen the official flyer? It's cringe-makingly bad). I want one NOW! For us skint 16 year olds, CHEAP NEW gear is a lifesaver. especially with that DX EP sound on it. actually, it wont sell to 12 year olds, they proably wont be able to make it sound good enuf. it's for people who arent predjucdiced against yamaha. i am, but i like this so much i will forgive their bad patch (recent PSRs, CS1x, etc...). With djx and ex5 yamahoho are back on track

long live the djx, even with its built in speakers.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-06-1999 at 14:51
Adrian a part-timer user from Germany writes:
This page is full of mindless comments (mostly in the earlier posts). 1 out of 5?? Kiddy's toy?? What crap you do spout. You only have to look to any vaguely reliable sources across the internet to find the truth. The DJs love it, the companies love it, the magazines love it. Anyone who's not an embittered American shit loves it. This is a major breakthrough on Yamaha's part. playahata, Fear, Jeff and co have serious problems. Just because you can't take it that for the price of the tax on most synths, you can get a synth that is probably the best value for money that I have EVER come across. Tell, me. On what basis did you criticise the DJX? The voices are all excellent! Yamaha have picked all the best 'classic' synth voices. The TB303, ARP, Prophet and Minimoog are all present. The variety is amazing. Drum loops, vocals, and some funky effects, stabs, guitars and hits. The drums are simply amazing. The classic TR808 and 909 machines are there, plus a hell of a lot more. The styles are where this synth comes into its own. These are not kiddy home keyboard bossa nova shit patterns. These are serious beats with bass parts, chords and even vocals! They're all dance oriented - jungle, rave, techno, hardcore. You name it! I would buy the DJX for this alone, but then we have the realtime controls. The best is definitely the ribbon controller. It can be used in different ways, but the default is a combo of pitch slide and tempo change, giving it the effect of a turntable. The others have the same sort of use as analog synths. Basically, this thing is a powerful music machine. It's not a toy. There are a couple of minor glitches (no backlite, sampling could be better) but you just HAVE to have it. Now to the fools. Any Americans have no clue anyway, seeing as the dance scene is in Europe and they know fuck all about anything, most notably techno. To all of you who gave it anything below 4: you're just too fucking proud and pathetic to use something that Yamaha have made accessible enough for teens, but more than suitable for professionals. You feel threatened. You think that up there with your high-end synths, the developing musicians that you brand 'kiddies' will never come near to you. No 12 year old is gonna buy this synth! And do you want to know why? It's because this is a lo-end professional synth, and not a toy. But it stands to reason, though. American education is such a joke that your youth develop about a hundred times more slowly. So a US 15 year old is probably on a par with a European 13 year old. Buy the DJX, ignore the shit. And remember, don't listen to Americans. Country's their field, and NOT techno and dance!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-05-1999 at 15:43
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