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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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nathan from u.s. writes:
tried it yesterday. pretty nice sounds. deep bases. drums ok too. you need to have another module like rm1x or mc505 (and a dj mixer) to really rave with this thing.

however, it's perfect for the way i work. i set up sync'd patterns on different boxes (xl-1, mc-505, phatt, rm1x), sample on the sp808, tack up the samples latter on track 1 of the 808's four tracks, add some pads (track 2), add some samples (track 3). you've now used three of the four tracks. mix 1,2,&3 down to track 4. start over! (don't run out of disk s p a c e!!!)


posted Wednesday-Apr-18-2001 at 11:03
robert bleek a professional user from austin texas writes:
i like the interface but the sounds are nothing to write home about. i seems a little stale to me-i like the sound of two electribes over this thing- it definately is not just another roland or boss though- real good synth capabilities but the lack of poly makes me mad-good for the price though

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Apr-11-2001 at 01:49
bassbintwin from Finland writes:
I haven't got lots of experince with hardware synths and AN200 is my first piece of hardware. First impression was that the sounds weren't so good. Preset patterns are shit! Dont't be fooled by them. After couple of hours of tweaking this thing shows its potential power. Very easy to use. Interface is very logical. I think it beats roland mc303 very easily and 505 by features for the money. I think that only negative thing in this machine is that its only 1 synth part multi timbral and the drums aren't so good but hey this isn't supposed to be a whole in one crap thing! I am very pleased with my an200. An200 is for anyone mad about analog sounds and can't afford novations and other v.a. stuff. Love it!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Apr-01-2001 at 18:14
tomfinegan a hobbyist user from Germany writes:
This thing is a half-AN1x, pretty much the PLG150AN in a "groovebox". What to say? It´s AN1x-sound...fat, rich, analogue, warm, great! Since the AN1x is no longer in the stores...go for this, plug a MIDI-controller to we go, AN1x-action

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-21-2001 at 02:20
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