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x_bruce a professional user from United States writes:
I purchased a XT 30 voice a few months ago and had all kinds of trouble with it out of the box. I replaced it and in it's place I bought and updated to a Yamaha CS6x. I'm not dogging that synth, it is interesting and for someone that likes thinking the way the synth demands it's ok. It was a disappointment when using the plugin boards, too many limitations and again a workflow problem for me at least. Which brings me to why I sold the CS6x. Although I had all sorts of bugs with the XT when it worked the sounds were incredible, I liked the work flow and loved how deep yet simple it was to program- I'm not even talking about the extra knobs which are great. But the sound was what literally kept me interested. As I wasn't terribly interested in trying to search out another place locally that had the XT I bought the micro wave II and although I miss the controllers it's just such a teriffic sounding synth. Emulative stuff, forget it, grab a rompler or get into sampling. There is nothing that quite sounds like the micro wave II/XT. This to me is as close as I can see getting to a Wavestation with filters and arppegiator. What's really pleasant is how 10 voices can go a lot farther than I initially expected. It's easy to work with a few voices and have the basis of a song. One or two other synths and you're set. I've been using it with a Micro Modular and Yamaha FS1r and except for realistic timbres it's like all the bases are covered. The reason I went with the mwII was because it was a demo model and it worked. Maybe cynical but I plan on using the mwII for most of my work and filling out the mix with other sources. Unless you're a hardcore analog freak or need emulative sounds I can't imagine a synth that is quite as distinctive and still capable of more traditional electronic sounds. Oh yeah, I like the work flow. That's not something I've read in a lot of the reviews up here but you have to connect with the equipment you use. There's probably people that hate how Waldorf designed this synth but to me it is immediately intuitive and I was able to incorporate it almost immediately upon hooking it up. A solid 5 with some reservations on quality control.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-23-2000 at 20:10
Organon a professional user from Netherlands writes:
This is a very well thougt out, great sounding instrument with both variety and character. The factory presets 2000 are better than the ones before but still no wonders of usability. Interface is very good, considering the size of the instrument. Just wish the presets were a little bit more down to earth, since making your own is great but time consuming. I'll get there...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-May-12-2000 at 23:08
Enz a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I've owned this synth for 2 months already. I think it's a wonderful piece of gear. I love the sounds it can create. Wavetable is really interesting and creates interesting effects. The sound can be very tight and punchy. For those who couldn't get a decent 303 out of it, you're not trying hard enough. I've already blown a speaker thanks to that !!

The synth has a nice feel. I've gotten used to the matrix/menu style of editing. It's very expressive. The arpeggiator has got to be one of the best. It's simple to use and powerful and syncs great to Midi without much effort.

The Microwave can emulate analog sounds (like the 303 I mentioned), but if you used it just for that, you'd be missing the point. This machine can create some really odd sounds and can go from being lush to terribly aggressive. This unit is a great place to start experimenting and creating new sounds.

One of the things I like about Waldorf is their support for their gear. There's updates in the system OS. There's even a new 30 voice upgrade (it has 10 voice polyphony). And they listen to their customers.

This isn't a preset box. It's not a XG/GS sound module. If you are looking for that, there are already some great modules that handle that sort of thing. The Microwave was meant to programmed and tweaked. I will not sell mine. I will buy another or it's orange brother, the XT.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Feb-27-2000 at 10:39
Just got my uWave II despite my not so pleasant experience with the shadow XT few months' back. Apparently there was something wrong with the XT and the clicking/popping sound even when the envelope rate setting was high. But the fact remains that this synth is one heck of a machine. This has got to be the most capable all in one synth ever designed. If you like unique sounds or want to emulate the old analog and create sounds that no synth would dare, then this is it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Oct-09-1999 at 03:51
Rodney Gipson a professional user from USA writes:
I owned a MW II but traded it for a General Music S3 Turbo. However, I plan on buying a MW II XT. The sound is for most purposes very close to the PPG 2.3 which I once owned as well. The sound is very rich and dos'nt need much external effects processing although it has no effects except for some chorus type effects.

The MW II/XT can use whole cycle (single cycle) waveforms to build its wavetables. This means that you can extract several single cycle waveforms from say a cello, and the MW II will play those waves with all of the harmonics, phase and amplitudes intact. With this in mind, you can simulate the Timbe Frame resenthis of the Synclavier or Resynthesis process on the Fairlight Series III. But you'll need special software (Email me if you need help finding software).

The MW II can duplicate any of the FM and Additive sounds created on the old NED Synclavier II's. The MW's envelope generators are fast and punchy. Especially the Attack segment. FM on the MW II is just as good if not better than the FM on the Synclav. I useded my Proteus I to add extra layers and harmonics to the MW II and ganged their audio outputs to the same effects unit to create a composite sound. I've been sampling the sounds on my Synclav to use as starting points in the MW II/XT. Rush down to your local retailer and try the MW XT with all those knobs!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Dec-26-1998 at 08:31
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