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Average rating: 3.2 out of 5
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Alex van Vendeloo a part-timer user from The Netherlands writes:
This card is simply the best. Put 32MB or 64MB in it, buy some sample CD's (Groovepark,Best Service,..) and you're ready to rock! If you are a gamer only and not a musician: don't buy this card, you would NOT UNDERSTAND this card and will be complaining and pissing all over the fuckin' Internet.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Feb-24-1999 at 17:15
John Foll a part-timer user from USA writes:
I own Turtle Beach Tropez/Maui & Pinnacle & EWS64XL & SoundBlaster Live. I bought the EWS64XL back in August 1997 nearly when it was first available in the USA, and have had to wait until December 1998 to get everything working, including Ed!son instrument editor. I admit being very frustrated, but now I am COMPLETELY satisfied! I bought a very nice EWS64 Library by and downloaded the EWS64 compatible soundsets from Guillemot & Hoon something and there was some really AWESOME sounds here! I no longer have hissing and poping with the new software release, and am looking forward to when the get the bugs out of their SoundFont import program, which allows you to import SoundFonts into the EWS64XL. As nice as my Sound Blaster Live is, the EWS64 XL rocks and outperforms and outshines the SB Live! I own a portable Tascam DA-P1 dat recorder and am able to do awesome recording into the EWS64XL! But the DAC & ADC converters on the EWS64XL are really good especially the output converters, and is good for most of the time. I believe, in time, this will still be the best card to get, if you can afford it. Its built in sounds suck, but if you get "pro sound samples" or make "pro sound samples" you can get the absolute best out of it. The only thing better is a real, dedicated, external sampler. However, external samplers cost more and are harder to program and are harder to get sounds into from PCS. You still need a PC or MAC if you want to use an external Sampler, so why not buy a TerraTec EWS64XL??

My biggest gripe now is when they first adveratized this card they implied that it would be compatible and read AKAI S1000 disks and CD's! This is part of why I origianlly bought it, in the hopes that this support would come later, but it never materialized. I wish that they would deliver on this promise! If they could do this, and fix the bugs in their SoundFont import utility, this would be the absolute bitchenest sampler on the market!

Did you know that you can combine up to 4 of these in one PC, and it only uses the IRQ's needed for the first EWS64XL? I wish that they would make a PCI version of this product, too! NOTE: I tried putting my original Creative Labs - EMU Proteus - WAVEBLASTER with 4 MB Rom into this EWS64XL in its little drive bay, and it picked up horrendus amounts of PC noise, and had a problem with volume control, so I pulled it out. Even though that Waldorf MicroWave PC upgrade option for EWS64XL seems really kewel, I would want to hear it first, because it plugs in the same way that the WAVEBLASTER does, and will probably be a noise stinker!

By the way, you need Windows 98 to get the best use out of Sound on your PC! A little known fact: Windows 95, in all its incarnations, will not allow you to have more than 11 Midi In/Out ports installed! If you install ANY 8 Port Midi interface/rack space units as drivers in your PC and install just about ANY sound card, you will run out of Midi Ports on your PC and your sound/midi programs will not work! But, if you install Windows 98, you can get an unlimmited number of midi in/out ports! I have 19 midi in/out devices/ports in one computer now, installed at the same time, with Windows 98!!!!! And I am planning to add more sofware synths in the future! My TerraTec EWS64XL has 64MB and my Sound Blaster Live has 95.5 MB Ram (because I have 192 MB of system ram on my pc motherboard) and both of these cards are in the same computer at the same time! That is an enormous amount of sample Ram!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-14-1999 at 12:00
Mario a professional user from Lithuania writes:
EWS? The company created this thing should change the name in to TERRORTEC.

I bought this @)#&amp;ing card and it sounds good only after month of real &amp;@$&amp;ing with it.

I can sample only in 48 or 33kHz, cause else I hear high pitched (about 1-2kHz)

noise in recorded material. They say &quot;Soundcard has 2 stereo ins&quot;. Don't believe it: 1 stereo in works fine

(-96dB), but second in is noisy like soundblaster (-60dB unplugged), is made for compatiblity with DOS games only,

and records this highpitched noise. No sampleeditor.Even nobody can upload WAV into RAM of soundcard.

Some EWS users write converters for it. They are cracking programs for another soundcards.

Thanks for those strong guys. Mixer is something like puzzle. This card sucks. Don't buy it.

Or buy if you wana get experience of beta tester. Don't think I'm lammer: I'am working with computers 10 years. Now I'm engineer. Buy this card and you will get experence of beta tester.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:15
Richard Brown a professional user from Scotland writes:
Lots of installation probs. But noise levels and sounds are excellent. The software can always be re-written. Worth persevering with

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:15
Hans van Rijswijk a hobbyist user from The Netherlands writes:
The documentation is worse. It does not explain. At the utmost it tells you what to do, not why. It is very difficult to understand what the possibilities ar. It looks like try and error.

De sounds it gegenates are super.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-06-1998 at 00:15
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