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sunny pedaal a professional user from netherlands writes:
do own a solinstring (with the MIDI-IN !!) adaption mentioned here above, which works amazing. fully polyphonic,great sound , never mushes a mix up. i also own the solina stringsynthesizer. just a bit more warm,although only mono out wher'as the stringensemble (a late model) already has stereo out. the synthesizer contains an arp( vco/vcf/vca) and can be used apart, mixed and as filter with adsr/lfo/noise etc. this together with the full wave of the stringpart makes ambient touchable.

posted Friday-Oct-03-2003 at 04:25
Chis L a professional user from London writes:
The Solina sounds identical to the Omni 2. Both I , and the tech who recently repaired mine, suspect that the circuits are the same. The sound difference is perception rather than reality.However, the Omni costs half as much and is a synth as well. I agree with the guy below who puts the solina up with the Hammond and Rhodes. Sorry mate,not the minimoog though. That's just hype, and nostalgia! A great instrument has to define a sound. The Rhodes piano is what we expect from an electric piano. The same goes for Arp strings. Nothing else will do. Likewise, the Hammond stands alone and is unique. It's got nothing to do with hype or faddish trends. The second you hear one of these great instuments you identify it immediately. Those Arp strings are so soulful, they make you want to cry. Ps..Theramin...just a bloody row...sorry Dr M!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-07-2002 at 06:18
Matthias Stock a professional user from Osnabrueck, Germany writes:
This one is the legend! If you have ever listended to Jean Michel Jarre´s "Oxygene" and "Oxygene 7-13", Pinky Floyds "Shine on you crazy diamond", Tangerine Dream´s "White clouds" and "Green desert" or Air´s 1998 Album "Moon Safari", then you know what I mean with "legend".

I won´t say that it sounds like real strings anyway but the Solina´s sound is always able to fullfill the function of strings in your music arrangements. Even if the overall soundcharacter is different it sounds as silky, warm and full of life as strings should be. It has this unique sounds that always seemed very "spacy" to me and which I will always recognize as one of the most classic and important electronic music sounds out there. For me it belongs to the top five classics like the Theremin, Hammond Organ, Moog Synthesizer, Fender Rhodes and the Solina itself. If its your intention to create electronic music with a spheric and spacy sound or to adapt this classic sound into modern styles of electronic music, then you have to look for the Solina Stringensemble first before you buy any other stringensemble produced in the 70´s or 80´s(and don´t forget to buy an analog phaser to use with it, too). Very interesting are the differences between the Solinas audiooutputs: there is one for "high-level" and one for "low-level". This is a feature offered by other stingensembles, too. What is special on the Solina is that the difference between these two outputs is not only a more or less loud output but a different sound produced by each output. The "low" output offeres that classic silky and smooth sound while the "high" output sounds very much harder and brilliant. The high output developes a kind of sawtooth feeling which is nice if you want to use it for harder music or if you want to process the sound any further with filters or compareable devices (think of the subtractive synthesis principle).

There is also a special model which was produced in a very limited edition called "Solina Stringsynthesizer". This one is bigger and heavier than the "normal" version and contains a monophonic synthesizer from ARP called "Explorer". The strings and the synthesizer sounds can be stacked or splitted. An interesting feature of the "Solina Stringsynthesizer" is to send the strings through the filter of the Explorer but it is not necessary to own the big one to get the classic Solina sound even if it sounds a little bit more smooth and warm. The big Eminent Organs like the Eminent 310 or the Eminent 2000 Grand Theatre have an built in Solina Stringensemble which has the smoother and warmer sound of the "Solina Stringsynthesizers" string section as well as even more features to have many variations of the classic Solina sound. So if you are really a fan of this sound like me, then your best choice is the Eminent 2000 Grand Theatre Organ. If you maybe don´t know until now, Eminent is the name of the dutch company which developed and produced the Solina Stringensemble. So if you see a Solina with the name of "ARP" it is still an original made by Eminent and ARP just put its sticker on it because they traded it for Eminent.

I´m not shure about the time when the first Solinas were sold. Most books say 1974 but on one of Tangerine Dream´s best Albums "Green Desert" recorded in August 1973 the Solina is very good noticeable. If you are interesed in this instrument and if you ever get the chance to buy a working one, do it!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jul-06-2002 at 22:35
Bjoern Larsen a part-time user from Norway writes:
The Solina String Ensemble like many other dedicated string machines from Roland,ARP,Logan,Elka etc. had mainly one purpose; to reproduce a full string ensemble. In my opinion, the original Solina from the Dutch company Eminent was the best of them. They all share the same technology; Fully polyphonic using the divide down technique found in electronic organs at the time plus an advanced chorus circuit. I finally found and bought the Solina a few years ago (I have previously used Roland RS-202, ARP OMNI (1. version), Roland RS-09. The string section in the OMNI is in theory very similar to the Solina, only missing the trumpet/horn sounds. The sound are also nearly the same, but not so silky as in the Solina. On the other hand The Roland RS-202 sounds real harsh and the RS-09 is not much better). Though you find sample-based synthesizers today that capture a real string ensemble much better, I still love the lush analogue sound of the Solina. And if you run it trough a proper phaser-unit, you also instantly get the Jean Michel Jarre “Eminent” sound. Due to its triple chorus effect it produces a sound, which is very difficult to imitate on most analogue synthesizer.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-16-2002 at 05:22
Maurits Jonkergouw a hobbyist user from The Netherlands writes:
Because the Solina sounds absolutely great, I decided to built a (very limited edition) midikit for it. So if you have the later model with led's in the buttons and stereo outputs, this might interest you: --- MIDI for your Strings ! ---

Specs: Note On/Off , CC7, CC64, assignable midi CH, internal powersuply (220 V-50 mHz). Very easy to built-in thanks to the supplied manual. Please contact me for further detail$.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-12-2002 at 11:55
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