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titi from paris france writes:
i ive jut get this on symth museum web pages

Who Played This Instrument?

Aphex Twin, Autechre - on "incunabula", Crystal Method, Electronic Dream Planet, Richi Hawtin, KMFDM, Massive Attack, Moby, Mr.Oizo, Prototype 909, Smashing Pumpkins -the song "Eye" of the Lost Highway soundtrack, Jimi Tenor

posted Tuesday-Feb-13-2001 at 12:39
titi a hobbyist user from paris france writes:
WATH IS possible to DO with a 606 and computer ?

posted Tuesday-Feb-13-2001 at 12:04
scottbpm a hobbyist user from scotland writes:
hi ive just opened up my 606. theres a pot you can turn to make the snare more snappy or less snappy. it sounds great and its free!! i have photos of every step and easy instructions, email me, i will upload to a web page soon!!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-05-2001 at 16:48
Hydra a part-time user from montreal writes:
I'm a student.. I dont have a lot of money... I pay my 606 50$can..... a 909 is 1300$can....

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-18-2000 at 03:38
James Meeker a part-time user from Toledo, Ohio writes:
There are tons of mods for the 606--just dredge the Analogue Heaven mailing list or check out a company called Analog Solutions (I think this is their name); they do a lot of 606 mods but are in England which may not be too convenient.

But why would you want your 606 to sound like a 909? I think the 606 sounds great!

If you want a 909, get a 909! Don't forget the Rat Distortion Pedal though.


posted Thursday-Nov-16-2000 at 22:31
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