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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Tim a hobbyist user from London, UK writes:
A little SH101 with a sequencer. Capable of producing that roland squelch sound and good sub basses.

Don't believe what *ahem* DJ Pepper Tree wrote (if that really is his name) the sequencer is excellent for what it is. OK, so using a calculator is a must and but when synced up with other gear the thing really shines.

You are bound to make mistakes with the sequencer and, for me, this is why I love using it. You get really quirky and original sequences without trying too hard.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-25-2002 at 12:20
kevin a hobbyist user from Canada writes:
So far, I only sample this unit. The resonant basses it can produce are second-to-none.

I'm having screwy problems with the sequencer, though.

Is there anyone familiar with Josh Wink's "Higher State of Consciousness" who could post the lead line by keypress as a test pattern? The manual is about as helpful as a bottle of expired ketchup, so a familiar sequence would help determine what I'm doing wrong (Or what it is doing wrong, for that matter).

Yes, the pattern is only C and E.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jun-11-2002 at 01:19
Alex H a hobbyist user from London, UK writes:
Just bought one of these puppies for £ 200 GBP. Im no synth expert by anyones standard but this was money well spent. WOW ! is a word that springs to mind. Yes it is slightly limited in what it can do...I think i managed to tweak all the VCO, Source Mixer and VCF settings to almost all permutations within a couple of hours of mucking around with it but what i heard I must say blew me away. Its dead easy to get cool squelchy 303-ish sounds out of it or even growling sub-bass noises...SCARY ! Limited but fantastic at what it does and internal/syncable sequencer to boot. Buy one if you see it.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jun-04-2002 at 18:33
DJ Pepper Tree a hobbyist user from Canada writes:
FAT KICK ASS SOUND! With the downside of a shitty sequencer... the sequencer on this thing is garbage... I have gotten around to figuring it out, but I don't like it the most... there's no way to tell what step your on... but for a vintage piece of plastic that I can gloat about... I'm not complaining... This was truely a worth while investment

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-12-2001 at 16:47
The Sawblade a hobbyist user from Hell writes:

1 - There are TWO basic modes: PLAY and EDIT. To enter or change notes you have to be in an edit mode, to play the sequence you have to be in a play mode. The indicator at the right of the display shows you which mode you are in.

2 - There are THREE kinds of EDIT modes: PITCH, STEP and GATE. Again, the indicator at the right will tell you which edit mode you are in. The display shows the current note you are on within the entire 202's memory - changing edit modes with EDIT will not move you forward or backward through wherever you are at.

3 - To input new notes, go to PITCH (press EDIT once from PLAY mode or press EDIT until you go into PITCH.) Press notes. The 202 is only writing the PITCHES of the notes you enter, not how long they last or anything else. If the display currently shows a note (like 3d or 2A) - you are not at the end of the bar or song - and you will replace the existing note with the note you hit.

4 - So, how do you change how long the notes will play. Hit EDIT again, and now you will be in EDIT STEP mode. Notes you entered during PITCH will have a step of 24 (that's an eighth note - 16 = sixteenth note, 48 = quarter note, etc.) Modify the value by entering a new value with the number keys (same as the bottom right keys of the keyboard.) You must hit ENTER to "stamp" the new step value on the current note. Once you stamp a value, you will go to the next note and can stamp the same step by just pressing ENTER. (So, if you enter 16 pitches and want to change them all the 16th notes, go to EDIT PITCH mode, enter 2, 4, and then press ENTER until you are at the last note of the bar.) If you want to put Acc or Porta on a note, do it here, this is the only mode where you can!

You can't delete or overwrite notes in STEP or GATE mode, you can only modify existing step or gate values.

Still with me?

5 - GATE mode works just like STEP mode, except GATE affects how long the note actually sounds. (STEP just determines when it sounds in the bar). If you make a note's GATE equal to it's STEP it will smoothly junction to the next note as though both notes were one. WHEN YOU GO BACK AND FORTH THROUGH THE PATTERN IN PITCH OR GATE MODE IT WILL SKIP ALL NOTES THAT ARE CONNECTED. GATE 0 = rest and the note won't sound. For example:

Note# 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pitch a2 g2 g3 a2 g3 a2 Step 16 16 16 16 16 16 Gate 8 8 16 8 0 8

Notes 3 and 4 will be connected like one note of 32 step and 24 gate. The envelope won't retrigger either. When you step back and forth in Pitch or Step mode it will skip from 3 to 5. 5 won't make any sound. KEEP THIS IN MIND.

6 - STEP CHECK - hit SHIFT+STEP TIME in PLAY mode (only) to see what all the steps add to. They should add up to 192 for 4/4. If it doesn't, you need to add or take away more notes to get it in sync.

7 - Hit SHIFT+TEMPO(Cycle) if you want to make one bar (or whatever else) repeat over and over.

8 - THERE ARE NO PATTERNS - JUST BARS. When you finish entering a bar, hit BAR to end it. THE WHOLE SONG IS LIKE ONE GIANT PATTERN and this is a disadvantage of the 202...

9 - COPYING BARS (PITCH EDIT only). If you hit SHIFT+(Copy) the bar you are on will be tacked on to the end of the song. It copies from your current position in the bar so be sure you are at the beginning of it (just go back one bar and forward again - or switch to PLAY mode real quick and go back to EDIT.)

10 - INSERTING BARS (PITCH EDIT only). Hold SHIFT+(Insert) - all notes you enter will be inserted at that position (with the default STEP=24)


That's the basic basics. Hope it helps all of you out. E-mail me for more details!

posted Wednesday-Oct-03-2001 at 19:30
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