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Analog Kid a professional user from usa writes:
There were two lines of pcm synth engines to emerge from Roland in the 90's for thier modules, the JV and the Sound Canvas.

The JV became known as the professional option... but is that true? Well the phenomenal success of the SC55 and variants eventually labelled the sounds as cliche, and the term "Sound Canvas" became associated with those sounds. However there have been two generations of SC developed since then. The current SC engine can be found in the VA-7/76, and i believe the EM-55, and the Edirol products (I wish they didn't discontinue the SC D70)

As far as the SC-880, it is a huge step beyond the original Sound Canvas, and kicks the JV-1080's ass. The whole idea with spending several hundred dollars to buy a few megabytes of compressed sounds is ridiculous, the SC-880 gives you everything you need without add ons, and the midi implementation on the SC-880 is much easier to work with. The SC-880 gives you such a broad palette of sounds you can drag almost anything from the box.

People tend to like the JV's because there are more patches. You can get what you need on the Sound Canvas, but you might have to dig in and program. Your not going to out analog a vintage synth or out giga gigastudio, but make no mistake, the SC-880 has the capacity to create professional sounds in any genre. At certain times however, you may feel that some critical acoustic instruments aren't good enough in isolation. That's not the SoundCanvas' fault, just a natural limitaion of romplers.

I finally just wanted to mention that you can control the filter (and it's a very full sounding LP) with CC's 71 and 74... 'cause that's not clarified in the manual.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Apr-02-2003 at 16:40
Akai96 a professional user from USA writes:
Just putting my two Cents in:I love it!! It is just what I was looking for.Why? Because I have all the other roland synths(not all but enough),they all have similar sounds and filters a.k.a JV-1080,MC-505(mc-505 is a bit phatter in quality but kind of similar). The SC-880 brings somthing new to the table!! Why would I want to compare this to the JV10 or 2080?Those are certainly more bread & butter type modules (that's only my opinion)but the SC-880 has a whole different character! I will never,ever,everevereverever,ever part with this machine!!! (note,I have 22 other modules and they all offer somthing different)!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-15-2002 at 12:47

posted Sunday-Mar-10-2002 at 18:56
Lorne Smith a professional user from Canada writes:
I have used the SC880 for 3 years now, and I absolutly love it. The ability to "build a band" with it is a very powerful feature that allows me to have a similar sound in all the songs. I'm not a huge fan of Gneral Midi, but the SC880 allows fo a lot of tweaking, and has an excellent selection of stock sounds.

The drum sounds are fairly good, but they do require a little equalizing and stroking to make them sound "live"

The guitar sounds are pretty good, but again, they are midi, and they are not what you would like, so be prepared to tweak them. String bending can be a bit of a challenge.

Overall, I'm quite pleased and have no plans of replacing it any time soon.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-27-2001 at 18:37
James Truba a professional user from USA writes:
I've now had the SC-880 for about two years and really, I can't complain. I will say though that the pianos are a little weak for my taste. Layering on this synth can do wonders. As stated in a previous review, I was also orginaly looking at the Korg N1R. I think the N1R sounds great but the SC-800 had more "real" sounds. The guitars are great along with the percussion. The synth is loaded with sounds and has some good analog patches as well. I will say that most of my programed material has been done with Cakewalk and the SC-880 as the only sound generator. If your looking for good a synth with lots of sounds, great effects section and a good price go check this out!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-23-2001 at 00:18
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