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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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NoVaLoGiC a part-time user from Amerika writes:
I used to think the JX-305 was a decent machine until now. The AC Adapter doesn't work i've been to Guitar Center in hope they would get the job done but I was wrong. It took them 2 hours to let me know it was discontinued and I have to call Roland to see if they have any JX-305 Adapters. There is nothing more fucking annoying when you really want to play with all your synth's and one has to be fucked. Just so happens to be the only Roland synthesizer I own and it's going to be the last one for sure if I don't get this problem solved quick! don't be surprised if you hear on the news a man brutally man-slaughtered a Roland JX-305 into pieces!!! please anybody feel free to notify me where I can get this Adapter. cheers

posted Thursday-Oct-19-2000 at 14:48
Steve a professional user from Fenton, MO USA writes:
The 305 is a very useful tool. I would recommend musicians of any level to take advantage of the affordable price, and flexibility this board has. Waveform design offers excellent challenge to all.

posted Wednesday-Aug-02-2000 at 05:13
Zurc a part-time user from USA writes:
I've owned this thing since late 98' . I must have paid around 1200 for it. Now I see these go for around $600, whats up with that? For that price, I would say this is a fantastic deal. You get a sequencer (which can also be stepped), hundreds of sounds (which are about 60% usable right off the bat) plus, a great master controller (I bought this thing as an upsell from a fatar keyboard controller!). They're sounds everyone has heard in house and techno tunes. I wasn't displeased when I got it. Not only did it server perfectly as my controller, but also added a whole new palette of sounds to my rig. If you intend on using this as your sole piece of equipment and expect professional results, you may be disappointed. I say this because, it only has two outs. The effects aren't great. They're ok. Then again, I think the ol' EPS 16+ had some great built in effects. What more? Well, it is completely controller from an external sequencer. Some of the ways Roland implemented the interface is very cool, like the realtime knobs. But setting up and choosingpatches on the fly suck. They should have incorporated shortcut buttons or something that had categories for instruments so you can layout the parts on the fly, instead of paging through the 6-7 banks. That's alot when your dealing with an extrememly slow processor. Bottom line. For 500-600, this is a must buy for first timers. It'll be a peice you would hold on to for awhile. Cause not "all" the sounds are rave noises or effects, there's something in there for everyone.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jun-20-2000 at 05:17
Jivemaster a professional user from Australia writes:
The JX-305 is a very decent machine. Although I am in the professional business, I enjoy using it during recordings to add that little extra atmosphere. Down-under the keyboard costs nearly $3000, but compared to everything with the same price tag, how can you go wrong. And just think, you're not just getting one machine, you're getting a multi-purpose sound system. It contains the MC-505, 303 the TR's and some original synths. Cheap, full of features, and it sounds like the real thing. Regardless of what any of the re-tarts think on this board, if you own a 305, you've got yourself a decent machine. NEVER SELL IT.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-02-2000 at 06:18
carlos contreras a professional user from Mexico City writes:
I have just bought the JX-305 like six months ago, I had used in the past the MC-505, so when I started using JX i felt it like a little bit faster, I would say a faster proccessor, but the only detail I don't like is the sound, i feel it very sintetik, so I would give a 9 on JX!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-27-2000 at 00:02
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