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Average rating: 4.2 out of 5
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Alexey a part-time user from Russia writes:
I can't understand why JV1010 got such low ratings for it's sounds here. Nearly as low as for example semiprofessional Yamaha DB50XG synthesizer board. But it is not true. DB50XG's sounds can not be even compared with the sounds of this unit. It sounds excellent, hypnotic! And it is not so hard to control if you are familiar with computer software for synthesizer units.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-May-22-2000 at 18:49
Kevin Robinson a part-time user from USA writes:
This machine is very good. I have been very impressed. I do not understand some of the comments posted here about how this machine does not sound as good as the JV2080. They should recount their statements because they are very mistaken. It is very comparable to the 2080. You cannot beat the sounds at this price. And I feel that it is of professional quality. Otherwise, I would not have purchased it. Thank you.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-20-2000 at 09:37
Johan a part-time user from Sweden writes:
Well, lets get thing straight! This modul has the EXACT COMPONENTS AS THE 2080 aprt from one effect, the expansionsplaces, outputs nad all those buttons! So why the 2080 has straight 100%´s and 1010 got a hell of a breakdown review I can not fully understand. Sure its more complicated to program via SoundDiver, but hey! Life aint easy pal! So the syntehis is exactly the same and it sounds the same! I´ve very carefully compared the two machines and it´s no audioficial diffrence! So pelase, dont give thes WONDER MACHINE sucha bad reputation. It ALOT CHEAPER and its the same machine!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-May-15-2000 at 02:51
ddpianoman a professional user from USA writes:
Ok for the money, thats about all I can say..Bought it/sold it in less than a month..Hard to use...Frustrating at best....

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-11-2000 at 23:10
xoxos from tucson writes:
okay. problem almost solved (see below post..)

you cannot change performances on the jv1010 from the front panel. as explained on page 34 (i think) of the manual, they CAN be changed from a sequencer, as well as from sounddiver.

it's misleading becuase the section is entitled 'changing performance from an external midi device' or something, but doesn't indicate that it is the ONLY way to change performance #. i'd *presumed* that by setting the mode to perform and changing the value on the front panel, you could change the performance.. not so.

you need to use an external device, right.. so.. after owning this thing for a few months, i'm finally about to crack open the performances.. as soon as i find out the program change cc#, which they neglect to mention in the manual.

another case of jv1010 phenomena.. i really do like the sounds on this thing.. for $400.. you've got a damn powerful machine, enuff to keep you busy for years, but they don't make any facilitation for your bargain price.. both of the manuals are far, far too brief in explaining utilization.

so from here on, it's ghetto folks.. find someone who knows how to use it, which sohuld be me in a few hours (soon as i get my mannys back..)

as for what i said about rolandcorp and the venemous ass burrowing rats.. i'm not gonna retract that.. i might have figured out how to do what i want, but it's got too much shock value to take it back :)

okay. now for my review:

if you want to do electronic music, get osmethnig else first! this is too much of a bitch to use easily. if oyu're looking for a support unit to broaden your tones, this is your puppy.

the onboard synthesis stuff is fantastic.. i've gone through almost a dozen h/w synths and this far exceeds the modulation capacities of them all put together. with sounddiver, you can set the keyboard scaling using a graphic hinge type interface.. set the pivot, the degree of slope.. think you can do custom tunings.. just an example.. it's deep, once you open it up.

so from there, with it;s onboard pcm data, you've got a lot of capability. many of the presets are engrossing.. lots of deep, luscious surreal pads that you can get lost in for hours.

the preset strings and stuff aren't going to knock you over if you're elfman or whoever.. lots of the instruments have pretty obvious multisampling, obvious loop points, but there are lots that aren't so overt. and all of them are really going to be just fine if you'r eusing them with a few other osunds.. no one but a maven's going to bitch about your string loop points.. the presets are nice, with enough control to make the attacks and dynamics pretty convincing for most listeners.

if you're like me and you're saying to yourself.. i've got a few synths and stuff and i need osmething to give me insta-pianos to have a go at production for radio spots and stuff w/o worrying aobut crap hours spent multisampling, you'll be beaming with delight.. (until you start trying to take advantage of the multitimbrality.. whoever married midi with pcs ought to have some real damage enacted upon them..)

kay. odne saying stuff. email me for some urls of jv1010 music in a bit :) 5 for the sounds, bloody -1,000,000,000,000 for the interface.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-May-05-2000 at 18:23
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