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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Joel a hobbyist user from USA writes:
The JP8000 is loads of fun just for screwing around and getting weird sounds. I like the fat super saw sounds, pads, OB patches and so on.

The factory presets have alot of lame sounds that I will never use, but all in all I can make several variations of my favorites.

My only real analog board was a Juno 60, which I thought was great. I now want the real thing....either a Jupiter 6 or 8......see how the originals sound compared to this. Not bad for a retro 90s kind of thing.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-07-2000 at 14:07
Endokuken a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I don't mind confessing that when I heard this nexto the Yamaha AN1X, I (surprisingly soon) came to the strange, almost infantile conclusion (indulging myself in a fit of splurge-ecstacy) that I MUST HAVE BOTH. I'm a home-recording-hobbyist, and mostly have played experimental electric guitar since 76. When I answered an ad in the paper for 'Space Musicians,' life hasn't been the same since. Thereby I met my first synthesist, who turned me on to the Wonderful World of Electro-Synthesis. My first sinths (they are such fun, feel like sin--alright you guessed that) were: ARP Odyssey, Juno 60, Akai AX 60 w/sampler, Yamaha SY22 and now JP8000 and AN1X. Anyway, this here JP is an exquisite piece of work-the translucent quality of sound is ethereal magic, kind of like what I thought of the Juno60 when I first got it. I think it's wonderful! It's cleaner, crisper and sharper than the AN, which sounds thicker, more powerful. I felt shortchanged by the limited number of R.P.Sequencer patterns (one for each key), as compared to the AN1X's (2 X 128 or so!). The JP is just about the easiest programmable sinth out there, and fun as sh*t. It feels clean, fluid and dynamic, like you can do ANYTHING on it and it'll sound fresh/pristine. I commend Roland on this one, but I am biased toward analogs--new or old--modelers or not. These are a dream come true. I've learned to appreciate my old and new stuff--in fact, the new sinths make me go back and reassess the old guys, and love 'em too all over again. I'm living in a good time, as I've always look to pushing the limits of music and sound: my recordings reflect deep space with splashes of heavy metal guitar AND inner space reflections. Hey--both these synths are blue, analog-modeling types: I just couldn't resist...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-29-2000 at 19:39
Kelly Neddo a hobbyist user from Jacksonville, FL writes:
I bought my JP8000 about 5 months ago. Although this machine is pretty powerful and is tremendous with the filters and such, I must say that it is extremely limited and highly expensive way to go for an extra piece of gear. Currently Im using it as my controller which does just fine but the 8 voice polyphony just really stinks as well as only being capable of two midi channels. So if your looking to buy one my advice is to defintely save some money by getting the racked version as it is cheaper, and will save you a bit of hassle if your going to use it as your stand alone synth. But the sounds are trully powerful and you can create really nice analog like sounds.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-21-2000 at 16:44
Tape Ape a hobbyist user from BC Canada writes:
I picked up my JP-8000 earlier this year, and I have very few complaints about it. Overall it sounds good, though of course don't judge this by the presets. What makes this board so appealing is its instant usability. Every parameter has a dedicated control, which is really inspiring and gives a lot of fun value.

My only complaints would be that the 2nd LFO is tied to the modulation bender and only has one waveform, that only 3 of the oscillator waveforms are available on the second oscillator, and that they don't supply digital waveforms as well.

Overall a great synth for all kinds of analog (and non-analog) bleeps, burbles, pads, and basses though the modulation flexibility isn't quite perfect.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-21-2000 at 02:34
Gnomo a part-time user from Brazil writes:
A very good synth that begs to be programmed, recently I've started to explore it and create my own patches, all I can say is that i've made some patches that I would never think would be possible in that simple synthesis structure ! I'm not in the dance/techno style, but in the progressive rock ,fusion and metal genre and the little JP serves me very well with warm and full pads and very fat and expressive lead sounds !! Roland should develop a new keyboard model using VA with more polyphony, effects and a better keyboard with 5 (or more) octaves instead of that never ending sample-playback technology used in their new synths !!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Mar-19-2000 at 18:30
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