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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Duane Ackerman a hobbyist user from San Francisco writes:
The comments go on and everyone says how great this synth is but a common comment is you have a love/hate relationship with the thing. So true. When I first got it, I was ready to toss it but gave it a few more chances and like most, fell in love with the thing. But it is not a simple synth. Just becauses it has all those knobs and sliders does not mean it will be any easier to make sounds and program. It can make many sounds but you have to work to get them and some of the most difficult sounds to get are the "clean" Oberhiem type sounds....but they can be had with time. If you get it, you must read the manual. You must master the ribbon controller. You must master the Band Pass Filter...the Low Pass Filter will only get you so far. Don't always use the Super Saw. The Ring Modulation is so-so and can weaken many sounds. The keyboard tracking control is amazing. The Frequecy Cutoff is very powerful but it takes time to figure out how to get the power out of it. Lastly, if you just want to play the keys, buy something else. If you want to play the controls, this is one of the best and most Ebay affordable keyboards out there. But be warned....this keyboard takes time but in time it becomes almost like a guitar with the ability for personal is truly an AX.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-25-2007 at 13:54
Matt the MIXMAN Lackey a hobbyist user from U.S.A. writes:
I just won this on EBAY for $605.00!!! The seller claims that it is MINT and in PERFECT condition, rarely played. Did I really win? Or what? I've heard so much about these, and since I was 18, I always wanted this instrument. I'm 30 now and more a child than ever!!! I DJ and write/compose electronica, I hope I'm not to late on the good techno band-wagon!

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-02-2007 at 02:01
Spencer Thayer a hobbyist user from United States writes:
I need a synth that could reproduce all of the original Nintendo waves (square, triangle, and noise). Most NES music experts tout this synth as the best for recreation and they were right! It's dead on. I've tried to recreate the sound with other synths both analog and digital and this is the one. Granted not many of you are interested in this, but for me the Roland JP8000 was everything I could have wanted. Also its just a kick ass synth in its own right and its interface is as intuative as I've ever seen!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-May-26-2006 at 13:12
rich a part-time user from uk writes:
Fantastic sounding synth, very versatile absolutely craps on the sh32. Filter is not so good, lets the synth down in some ways. Self oscillates too easily which can ruin recording takes when you are tweaking. Often better to use cc signals from the computer or the ribbon controller which is a pain to set up but when its right its good. The attack is so fast you get audiable clicks but you can sort it out easy enough. Sounds too grainy sometimes but thats not a bad thing because a little eq can sort the harmonics out if need be. Fx are crap - buy an fx box but sometimes thats what you need to give the sound a unique character. Don't listen to anyone dissing this synth, if you can't program it, give up now. Its certainly not analog but it has enough character to make the sounds feel alive. If you are thinking about snapping one up, you could do alot worse, so go for it

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-11-2006 at 17:31
Synthboy a hobbyist user from U.K writes:
The JP-8000 has to be one of the best VA Synths ever made and is definatlly an absolute classic. There are pleanty of presets and all of them are fantastic and because there are so many knobs and sliders you can tweak them into your own unique sounds. Very good filter with band pass, low pass and high pass filtering and a kick ass roland arpeggiator with a cool toll called motion control.

Some of the most famous dance tunes have been done on the JP-8000 because of its killer waveform called supersaw. This waveform is the classic trance sound that you hear all the time and is unique to the JP-8000. When the JP-8000 came out in 1996, its supersaw was the finest dance sound in existance (and still is) and virtully every dance artist went out and bought a JP-8000.

Very accurate analogue modeling. Buy a JP-8000 if yoy need classic synth sounds because that is where it shines. Using the supersaw i created the classic OB-Xa Jump sound and im tellin ya, it can't get much more accurate.

Overall a wonderfull and great sounding Roland Synth. I also own an old Roland MRS-2 Promars Compuphonic (mono jupe-4) and it sounds great with the mighty JP-8000.

If i was you i would hunt down and buy a Roland JP-8000 right now because they are one of the rarest VA Synths out there and will not be available for much longer.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-31-2006 at 10:38
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