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mr. rob a professional user from usa writes:
The gr 33 as a pitch to midi converter doesnt seem to be on par with axons ax 100. Its sounds aren't neary as good as whats in rolands keyboard modules. Its a second rate rompler and not quite cutting edge pitch to midi converter.

The bottom line is this, the sample sounds arent THAT bad, if thats what you want I dont think this is a ton better than the gr 30, but it is still kind of cool. If you want to use it to drive synths that are actually good its not the best, the axon ax 100 is better. This is not to say its bad, its just kind of un inspired work on rolands part as there's no signifigant leap from previous models. The onboard sounds dont really compare to any keyboard synths, I wish they would have eliminated them and put that money towards perfecting the pitch to midi. Also, it would have been great if they would have had some sort of VA sounds, wavetables or cosm modeling things in with it, you know some really expressive synthesized sounds that work with midi, and are multi timbral in 16 parts.

As is, I hope roland does better next time. This is not a step backwards, but mostly a step sideways perhaps inching ever so slightly forward. If your driving other synths, wich is a good idea to get more inspiring sounds the shadow midi system, and Axon ax100 may be better choices. If you want an all in one box of sounds to mix in with your guitars tone, this is pretty cool, except its not what I'd call a deep synthesizer, I do wish theyd given some dsp synthesis options and some cosm modeled sounds.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-06-2001 at 19:19
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