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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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phloem from USA writes:
Got the 1853 model. True, it is pretty far from an Arp Odyssey. I'd say it's a totally different synth. Only the panel layout slightly resembles the Oddy. It's sound is all it's own, very raw and round. I'd even say mine sounds more Moog-like than Arp-like. So, enough of that, it's clear that synth companies in the 70's were acting sue-crazy. Some unique sounds come out of my Cat that even my Pro-One can't match. It's the rawest sounding of my three analog monos(Cat, Source, Pro-One). Very unstable oscillators, they take a good 10-15 minutes to warm-up.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-16-2005 at 09:06
Dan Y a professional user from New York writes:
|n terms of sound this synth is * not * an odyssey clone, despite what you may hear and any similarities in the circuitry. It has its own sound, which may not be for everyone , but has its own advocates and is something different.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Aug-06-2005 at 10:08
Ivan Hill a part-time user from ohio USA writes:
I have a cat synth have had it for years used it but never hooked up to another synth with it. I do not have a book on it, but I have bought a Multivox mx 450 bass with cv in and cv out along with trig in and trig out....if any One knows if they can be hooked up with one another let me know playing bass on the floor with some of the sounds that a cat gets would be great Thanks.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-02-2005 at 15:34
John V a hobbyist user from CA writes:
I bought the CAT three nights ago. I paid $300.00 USA for the original 1853 model. I personally *feel* better knowing its the real deal, with discrete VCO components. But if you did a blindfold test with an SRM version, I might not even be able to tell. Though, this synth does seem to have a little extra push, or "edge" to it. Its so squirmy sounding sometimes! I was inclined to review it the very first night I brought it home, but I decided I would wait. Well for a couple of reasons... I went to the seller's house and pluged it in, and it was fine. Every key worked, all the knobs sounded something out. Good deal. I plug it in at home and VCO1 goes down for a few hours. Im freaking out. It comes back and has been with me since (3 days). While VCO1 was down, VCO2 was hard pressed to make a STRAIGHT note. It sounded JUST like an ARP Odyssey with S&H with lag. Like a jittery middle C note, but still kind of playable. When VCO1 comes back, it has this "lag" or jitter problem as well. It went away, for a day. Then came back. It's still around, but not as heavy as at first. Unpridictable? Er, yes! But so what? Whats the fun in having a 'purrfect' analog?? Im guessing I need to get a 20-40mhz oscilloscope with a voltmemter. I just probably need to tune/calibrate it (it is also intervelically out of tune). Now, the only real worry I have is the "jittering". If you want, you can email me at and tell me about the jittering; if there is a procedure I can read or take to fix this. I would definitely appreciate it. Okay- this synth sounds HUGE. At first it was easy to get lost (I called my non-musical friend across the country to brag and he noted that it sounded like something was "stuck" inside of it!). This synth is seriously heavy sounding, I dont want to say it's as fat as a minimoog. But it definitely seems more vicious. Now ive played many odysseys in the last couple of months, and I can confidently say I like this synth much more. I really like the fact that you get 2/3 sliders and 1/3 knobs. Do any other synths have this idea besides the 2500? Such a sweetheart of a layout! The filters are incredible, and I really like to send sine LFOs to the filter! Ive already made at least 20 patches (have blank sheets if you need them emailed) and recorded a whole song I wrote with it. Of course this is still hard to do with the "jitter" problem. I plugged my bass into the input and came up with some sickening mu-tron like sounds. Yes! While I am a teenage novice, I feel I can and should learn about electronics in a very short time... I can't understand someone buying an analog and not getting a craving for learning about simple electronics. Funny, but I would consider this the "standard" synth. Due to its simple layout. Simple sound, almost like no "give away" character. Diffucult to put into words, but when I hear a 2600, mini, Cs80, DS2, polymoog...etc I KNOW what they are. But if I heard this synth I would probably not know what it was...and I guess that *is* this synths character.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Oct-03-2004 at 10:37
Ian a hobbyist user from England UK writes:
People seem to always compare the CAT with an ARP ODYSSEY. I recently got a Mark 1 version, just to compare it with my MK1 ODYSSEY. First impressions were the simple control panel. I wasn't so sure of buying it at first, as I just bought a POLYMOOG KEYBOARD and SYNTH. Yet after a few day's temptation got the better of me, as I really wanted to explore it's sonic sound. I have had it a couple of month's. I have to say the CAT and ODY are not quite the same. Each have plus points over the other. It's nicer to fine tune with the CAT'S diales. Deep bass sounds, swooshes, you think of a analogue sound and I'm pretty sure you can get it. If you see one, please do not hesitate in buying it. Yes it's worth a five. Plus it's a lot lighter than a POLYMOOG.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Nov-30-2003 at 14:25
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