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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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sjmojo a professional user writes:
i bought mine for $150 only in 96,there're 5 in stock and i should've bought them all.great analog sound,nuff said.i've got the matrix6r to edit sounds then dump to it,well, there's also some software editors like sound diver but i hate software editing,sorry.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-06-2001 at 12:16
synth_addict a professional user from canada writes:
Great unit. What is there to say? All the warmth and character of Oberheim in a 1U rack mounted unit. Get a computer-based patch editor (there's quite a few available) and you're set.

These units are selling for a very reasonable price, and in my mind, they're a steal. Do what I did -- buy two! For $500 US, I got two of them. Hook them up in dedicated "link mode", detune them each a few cents, and you've got a VERY fat analog beast! And that's phat with a capital "P"!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-16-2001 at 23:44
The Orb a professional user from U.K. writes:
The Oberheim sound & soul in a compact 1 space rack. This synth is an excellent representation of all the Oberheim's prior like the OB-8, OB-X, Xpander, etc... It may not have all the routings of a Matrix 12 or Xpander, but has the complexity to hold its own. The sound is pure ANALOG darkness the way that only Oberheim can do it. It reminded me of what analog was all about after using a lot of software & digital synths. There is a tone, a power, a mystery in true analog circuitry that blows everything else away. Anything from the subtleties of a saw wave, to the monstrosity of a combination of raw waveforms oscillating in unison, yet each carrying out its own effect....You have to put the headphones on and listen to what the scientist intended us to hear. I know personally the complexity that Digital synthesizers can bring you. You can create sounds to the unlimited amount of things that you have to create sounds, yet there is that analog soul missing from it. This is where the Matrix-1000 comes into play! Mix it in with your digital patches and there it've got it! The only problem I had with the Matrix was that it didn't work well with Emagic's Soundiver for some reason. I could certain paramaters, yet other would crash the MIDI communication on my Emagic AMT8 interface (Windows Computer). I never tried it on a Mac and that may work better...I don't know. Anyway, like I said the Matrix-1000 is a must if you are looking for the Oberheim sound and don't need another keyboard like myself. It'll re-kindle your love for analog...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-13-2001 at 14:24
Nathan a professional user from USA writes:
Just gor on about 3 days ago, the black faced model. Spent about a hour going thru all the sounds, some seemed to repeat themselves, like 233 would also be 234. Also fot ehs ounds were crap, but many were very inspiring, very boards of canada like, hook this baby up to a good reverb and your set, Im sure after i get a software editor for it the possibilities will open. This synth did get me hooked on that oberheim sound, superb, i looked into other oberheim stuff, but for the price and amount of pathces, 1000! you cant beat that, good addition to a rig, or even for that analog flavour you may need.

Only wish, more user presets, even thought there are 200, and the same ol, realtime knobs bit youve heard before, i want so badly to tweak the cutoff and hear this baby squeel.

If you find one cheap, get it, its a good "icing"

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Feb-10-2001 at 15:00
Stephan Sperlich a part-time user from Austria writes:
My first synth was a M6R; my second was a M1000. Once, I sold (!) the latter (in a state of mental dysfunction, I suppose) and had to buy her back a month later - it wasn´t worth living without it...

Very well considered, luxurious modulation possibilities, enormous sound palette from warm to sharp, spicy to filthy, granular to onomatopoetic... Capable of analog as well as digital sound-aesthetics. A needful thing in every field of electro-acoustics.Subtractive synthesis at its best! O.K., 2/3 of the presets are trash, but nevertheless they can be a good basis for further editing; and indeed, if you like working with presets, some are known to be all-time favourites (e.g. #715: grumpiest house-bass ever heard.) KEEP using the controllers!

Besides, she´s cheap as well as durable (mine has undertaken massive (mis-?)use since more than 12 years and is still the most reliable 1HE in my rack), and a combinaton with a M6 or a second M100 (or even more) is very hard to beat. Long live the Matrix.

P.S.: I´ve been searching for a free software editor on the net, but I couldn´t help suspecting they´ve all been removed buy some "force majeure". Does anyone know what has happened here?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Feb-07-2001 at 01:02
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