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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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Bob Parker a hobbyist user from Vespucciland writes:
To each his/her own, I reckon. I see that a few people have some diparaging things to say about the K2000 but I bought one about three months ago (K2000VP) and I absolutely dote over it. Quite simply, this is the best musical instrument I've ever owned. Every time I sit down and tinker with it I find some new and amazing thing it will do. Who'd have thought that you could reverse map a keyboard, or set it so that all 61 keys cover only one octave, or even just one half-step? My tendancy is toward rather unusual (arguably non-musical) sounds and I find that this instrument lends itself well to these pursuits. I was a bit overwhelmed at first, but the more I explore this instrument the more I find that it is set up in a very logical and intuitive manner. I expect I will still be discovering new capabilities five years from now. More later.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-04-1999 at 15:20
Ewan Stefani a professional user from Leeds, UK writes:
We have one standard and 6 K2000VP synths up and running here at Leeds University. Using this synth as both a sampler and fairly sophisticated synthesizer, we have been able to base whole portions of teaching modules around the instrument. All the machines have been upgraded with 8MB RAM (I would suggest this as an essential minimum for all users) and the VPs have the sampling option fitted, which included AES/SPDIF digital inputs and outputs.

Personally, I have found all of our units to be very reliable, except the older model does get alarmingly hot because it did not come with a fan fitted (which they do now as standard - wise to check) and one of the VPs fans is ver noisy - we'll have to return it at some stage... but 1 out of 6 VPs is not bad for an isolated fault.

Sonically, the K2 is hard to fault, but I would recommend it more as a programmers intrument, which the dynamic filters in particular adding greatly to any sampled sound you care to put in. Remember also that it is possible to download samples via SCSI / MIDI sample- dump so that sample option is not essential if you are looking for a cost-effectiveness. We have a SCSI zip drive attached which I would strongly recommend (floppies are a pain, and we have had reliability problems with the internal disk drives). There is only 24-note poyphony which soon vanishes when sounds are layered within each program, and the program RAM should really be upgraded above the standard amount if you are buying new, as this can easily run out if you have several banks of user-programs in memory. The cost of RAM, external sample storage and p-RAM upgrade should be regarded as near-essential in my opinion.

The K2000 series are indeed over-priced, as are the expansion options. Get them fitted when you buy initially. You will not get bored with the K2000 series if you like programming and reading manuals! The sonic results from programming (and NOT the internal ROM samples alone) can be very inspiring - warm, very analogue-sounding, and wacky too if you get into all the modulation possibilities. A great companion for a Waldorf synth !

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-15-1999 at 06:02
Haven Siguenza a part-timer user from Canada writes:
mangle mangle. get it, the sampling option, 64MB Ram and big hard Disk. and destroy sound! my main mutator (as well as drums). excelent OS(v3.54) mine is one of the first made(four/six years ago?) still kickin.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-04-1999 at 04:46
Phil a part-timer user from USA (Texas) writes:
Everybody knows about the k2000 so I won't go into how great all the features are, etc. I've got this to say: I placed a lot of expectations on this board... and it lived up to every one. I got it for $700 so the price is coming down... slowly. Save that cash and shop. They can be found at reasonable prices. This can cover the basics of everything so... once you have a k2000... you can spend your money on nifty things intead of basic units. It can be your bass synth and drum machine and cover the pads etc. So you can play with effectrons, old analogs, Mirages, and all the other things you couldn't fit on stage if this little box wasn't doing the work of 10 normal units. If you find one for under $1000, it's worth it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-26-1998 at 00:30
SHAH a part-timer user from USA writes:
Very excellent keyboard. The K2k can do (as many have said here), just about anything. I am overwhelmed by the versatility of the program/keyboard. This thing is STILL mind-blowing (4 years later). Boy can it SAMPLE!! And the SCSI connection to my PC just takes the cake. Between the K2000 and Sound Forge, I can process ANY sound to perfection (so that it fits the mix).

Even with only 24 note polyphony, this thing is a "5". If you don't own one, please make sure you rent or borrow one, and play with it for awhile.

You can hear some of the work I've done with it at:


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Sep-09-1998 at 10:44
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