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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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2x[H]nt a hobbyist user writes:
Hello, Well i finaly bought a synth and it was the ms2000. I am very pleased with it and glad I decided to go with instead of the jp-8000. The ms2000 is an excelent synth for doing any form of electronic music. The arpeggator and the mod sequence are great. The only problems I am having with it is trouble programming great basslines but that isn't the fault of the synth> Other than that if you care about looks it looks kind of like a minimoog and a blue triton had a lovechild.

if anyone has any tips for programming this machine i would greatly appreciate it.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-04-2000 at 01:37
Nikolai a hobbyist user from Tokyo,Japan writes:
Bought my MS2000r here in Japan for about $550,certainly the knobs are small and plastic-y,but for a BIG sqelch and bleeper such as I,the SOUND is just great!One slight gripe-the manual.I'm no decades-long synth user,so while the intuitive side's great,the manual doesn't TEACH me much (which the excellent Nord manual does go some way to doing).Getting to the crux.....would anyone be kind enough to mail any of their tweaks as SysEx files?'Would be very happy to check them out and try to figure where this thing's going and what people are up to.Cheers,Nik

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-09-2000 at 12:51
Dave a part-time user from Silver Spring, MD writes:
Tarren nailed it on the head. Truthfully, it weighs about a gallon of milk and a dozen large brown eggs (non free-range). Right now, mine's making a noise like a dozen or so click beetles recreating the vice presidential debates in pig latin whilst dining on creosote-soaked raisins.

There is a lively egroup:

Come join us, trip the teal fandango!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-06-2000 at 19:11
Tarren S. a hobbyist user from Laguna Beach,CA USA writes:
The MS-2000 is a synth that has many faces. It will suprise you after every twist of the knobs. True, the built is not of Gucci or Prada quality ,but I have seen worse. You can pick it up with one hand and actually weighs less than a gallon of milk (non-fat). I am still poking around this and getting familar with it but so far so good. It's neat to buy a keyboard that inspires you to make new music. I actually made a song on my 2nd day of owning it! It is not hard to master it I would say. There are alot of menus but there is the pages silkscreened on the side . The sounds can be thick OR thin. It just depends on how you program it. Mind you , it's thick in a VA sort of way but nonetheless full of life.

Is there a place where you owners can talk about this like a discussion board or something?

I posted the first song that I made with the MS2000. It's basically all MS2000 with a slight touch of a CZ-101 plus a cheap little tape-loop running through it.

The song is called Aussie Salad Bar(Syzipin Croutons).

Dont laugh at my song please, Im just starting out .... : )

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-06-2000 at 04:43
x a professional user from United States writes:
this is a followup, I have really been putting the ms2000 through it's paces in recording sessons and a couple of gigs

for awhile I was making a bunch of patches but now I just look for a few presets and start deconstructing them, it's unreal how much control you have over this synth and there's a few tricks that are great for live use, like using the mod sequencer on the fly live, you can set up some spectacular sounds that are easy to tweak and pretty easy to find your way back when you get out there

as Massimo said, who cares about polyphony? it would be nice to have more or have multitimbral use but that's not how the synth was designed, whether we agree or not. you can get an awful lot out of those four notes. i use the ms2000 with other synths including a micro modular, it's a great combination and although there is more potential power with the micro modular you have immediate and dramatic control over the ms2000 and i suspect that is the point to this synth

more impressed than i was after the honeymoon period, this is a great purchase as long as you understand what you're buying

posted Tuesday-Sep-19-2000 at 04:45
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