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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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sjmojo a professional user writes:
quite basic,it seems great that u can have 32 tracks.but u only get 16 midi ch in total and single midi ch per track(unlike the mc500/500mk2/300/50/50mk2/80, which have at least 16 midi ch per track,from 5 trcks to 17 tracks).and the most downside is its cpu processing very slow and time-consuming,it crashed if u operate it so fast in motion,i have to save it once after recording 8-16 bars. this is the only solution,if it really crashes,u have to power it up again while ho;ding the select button,but all the data erased b4 it crashed,troublesome.i'd prefer roland mc series(except mc4/8/303/307/505)'coz it got a fast cpu suits our efficiency and productivity,of course,no delay and disturb on flowing creativity. in 90,i can buy a brand new mc50 at a similar price around $550.and the q80 costed $500.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-06-2001 at 11:17
buzz aldrin a hobbyist user from California writes:
I love the price and 99% of the features, but without "swing" it's difficult to loosen up my beats. I realize there's ways to do it with the move and quantize functions, but it's time consuming and easy to make errors (If anyone has any tips, please reply here or to my email). Other than that, you can't complain for $135.


posted Sunday-May-06-2001 at 15:08
dan richert from Michigan, USA writes:
pay $150 for a q80ex. make sure you get the power supply because it's hard to find: 10v 1000mA. pretty rare. also, make sure you have oldschool double-density 3.5" disks.

i've had it for a couple of days. so far, very nice sequencer, good architecture (solid build).

the only problem is that there's only 10 songs in memory at once, and you have to use these 10 songs for loop-based live sequencing situations. i guess it's not that much of a problem depending on how long you can play your loops...if you've got 32 channels though, you can have a lot of flexibility with loops.

i've never used the mmt8 or the mc50, but those were the other two sequencers i was looking to buy. mmt8 has only 8 channels and (from what i've read) breaks down. the mc50 is 16channels, but is about 100-200 dollars more expensive. the q80ex is 32 channels for 150 dollars.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-13-2001 at 10:23
Al a professional user from USA writes:
I like the Q-80 ,but it has very little space and it doesn't have the power to manipulate each individual note like computer sequencers can. I'ts very portable though and is good for recording one or two things for live performance although it really doesn't have enough space to do anything complex.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-01-2001 at 14:43
a part-time user writes: will be lost without the manual....its a very thick and detailed manual and you NEED kawai directly. Q80 is cool, but the Q80EX is MUCH cooler and the Q80EXE is even cooler!! The Q80 doesnt read SMF and has a fairly short memory --only 26,000 notes. The EX doubles the memory and the EXE doubles it again and also reads SMF. Go for the EXE. Its worth the extra $....or just get the RM1x is you really want the best sequencer.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jan-28-2001 at 01:59
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