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Kendrys Howard a professional user from Venezuela writes:
I Bought one 22 years ago, i used with extend care, now is a vintage collector, has great sound for his time, i used learning, then sequencing, Now a meda a hard custom case for him, but im thinking in sell it, to collectors. the kawai MK-20 its NOW a very RARE piece. Now Im a Audio Engineer so i have many others vintage Keys like wurlitzer, rhodes Mark I.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-23-2010 at 00:19
Mike Barron a hobbyist user from USA writes:
My Mk20 was bought about 14 years ago, and I have used it heavily to provide accompaniment for recordings I have done over the years. The sound is not really that great, being a very old instrument, but the sequencer features are excellent, allowing you to create your own beat, bass, and chord patterns from scratch. It is MIDI compatible, and for several years, I have run an Alesis tone generator for better sounds. Just recently, the keyboard finally went belly up, and I would like to find another that will do everything the Mk20 did, but the search is difficult.

posted Tuesday-Jun-06-2000 at 10:33
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