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Average rating: 3.6 out of 5
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Al a part-timer user from USA writes:
Not a synth for everyone but it makes great rubber-windchimes-from-hell types of sounds. I defininitely would not have a fizmo as my only synth but it makes nice atmospheric sounds and layers well with my other synths. Good for wierd noises but takes a while to get your head around programming it, once you do there are some interesting sounds in there. Build quality is really cheap but I think that the knobs on my JP8080 felt flimsier. Give it a solid "3" for it's uniqueness. Thought the manual was pretty weak. Not worth $1495 but not too bad for $479.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-12-1999 at 20:06
bulldogge a hobbyist user from New Hampshire, USA writes:
Well, I've had the Fizmo for about two or three weeks now, it seems like much longer than that. I guess this is because I play with it for hours everyday. I don't quite understand some of the complaints. Knobs do nothing? This is simply untrue. I find them to be very sensitive, perhaps overly so. Even small movements can have a much greater effect than intended. I'd guess that much of this may be misunderstanding of the knobs purpose. They are not for realtime control, IMO, but rather they are for editing the sounds, one oscillator at a time. For this, they function quite well.

Also, quality hasn't been a problem for me. Everything works fine on my Fizmo and there don't seem to be any unintentional glitches. I've even dropped it about a foot and it still works just fine. I guess that the mixture of plastic and metal makes it seem less solid than an all plastic or all metal casing would be. But it seems to work--I just wish they had used wood sides and made it look like a synth should:) Mind you, mine may be the exception to the rule--I've never trusted American quality controls, and perhaps most Fizmos are as reliable as most American cars, ie, not very.

Yes, the keyboard is one area in which Ensoniq obviously chose to save money--but I'm used to Junos, and in relation the Fizmo board feels much better. Still, a more sensitive and responsive keyboard would be nice. Also, the manual does suck. It just gives far too little information about how the synth works.

But I keep coming back to the sounds I can create using this synth. The amount of blips, bleeps, bloops, worts, zips, zaps and the like are impressive, and it can do more normal sounds, but why would you want to? Those sounds are why I like this board, and it is the sound which I find most important to a synth.

So, do most people hate Fizmo? Yes, but then, most people liked "Home Improvement", didn't they?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-11-1999 at 18:15
Syrusate a professional user from USA writes:
Ok this is seriously getting old, this feedback section is starting to sound like a kindergarten class. Barely any of you are giving valid reasons why this synth sux. Who cares if it doesnt sound like "this" or "that" the idea of the fizmo was to sound like no other synth. I was under the impression that musicians would be giving the reviews , not people posting comments that held no value. Ok sure the presets of the fizmo do suck, but let me know of a synth that the presets rock. The idea of presets is a idea of what it can do, the company is hoping you get into the machine and see what it really can do. And thats a real musician someone who can make a cool tune with a machine and limited resources. Ive heard kick ass songs on the Fruity Loops program. Why because the guy who made it had talent and creativity. So get into the machine , dissect it, see how far you can push it. Actually work for it. Sort of like the old musicians used to do with synths that had no presets. Now the vocoder is ok, not the best but hey, old analog monsters never had a vocoder so consider it a bonus. the effects rule, ensoniq effects always rule. I also have a quasimidi sirius, and the effects on that synth, sux hard!! And i myself have gotten hard distorted sounds, so i cant see why you guys cant. And when i set the knobs, and turn em they do major changes. Maybe you all got f*cked up models or rackmounts. Ok and the led screen is small, did the Juno 60 have one??? No so even a small one is cool, if you actualy learn the synth you can leanr to read the small ass words as well. Ok and maybe the synth is ugly, does that affect your ability to make music? If you dont like the way it looks, paint it, put stickers on it. who cares. Dont like the name? write a book about it then , who cares its a name. And i see posts about people throwing this synth away, hella dumb, if you have that much money to throw away, then quit making music and stick with your job, your making enough money so why waste your time, and mine so you can make a cd and hope you get signed and then i have to hear another damn cd of some fool that sounds like every other band cuz they got the same equipment some band they like. This synth will not pop out cd's at the puch of a button, it will not hook you up with record deals , it will not sound like some other, if you want some certain sound, buy the original. Its not like theyr extinct. I fondly remember when people said the same as you guys are about the fizmo that people said about the tb-303. And then 12 years later when this synth is the sh*t everyone will be wanting one. So try before you buy, and if you do buy, spend time with it, dissect it, be creative with it, be a musician. And if you want something that will do everything for you, buy Mixman Studio Pro for your computer and a few hundred sample disks. And if you want that 303 sound , buy a 303. But if you want to experiment or get creative, get a fizmo, quit complaining, erase the patches, and explore. Back in my day, i remember when a guy would buy a old synth and spend a month or two getting in to it, now everyone want instant gratification, well music isnt instant, well good music isnt anyway. I also know of some big bands that have a fizmo and love it. Maybe thats hwy theyr signed, cuz they worl with what they have, sort of like it used to be.

Expand your minds, and learn, or else follow the herd and be one of the countless bands that get turned away cuz they one more band trying to get a ride quik and without having to work hard. I see bands fail and get turned away daily, and they have massive amounts of equipment, cuz they think the popular synths of mc-303's will make em good, and then i see bands that make it big, and they have unknown cheap one voice synths and theyr music blows me away. Oh and next time someone decides to throw one of these babies away, sell it to me ill buy it, i could add another on to my studio, i have 3 so far, and out of all my list of synths and drum machines and workstations, the fizmo is the best for starting out the creative process. And thats it for now.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-11-1999 at 04:51
FizzledmOut writes:
Okay people, the results are in: The Fizmo requires unusual taste to be purchaced. You've read the reviews - most people dislike the synth. So think veeerrry carefuly when looking at that $499 pirce tag from Musicians Friend.

You cannot return it. Fizmo has bad resale value - so you're gonna loose some cash if you end up not liking it (like everyone else).

These are the f-a-c-t-s people. I'm sick of seeing posts like "Well, I read all the bad things about it but I bought one anyway - and now I hate it and I can't return it!"

READ THE REVIEWS! These people are being honest about their "Fizmo Experience". The JTT post should have been enough to warn you!!

So please, stay away from Fizmo...before you end up like everyone else....

You have been warned.

Fizzled Out

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Sunday-Oct-10-1999 at 23:45
Mike Franey a professional user from London UK writes:
This is making me mad. Henry Quince,

What are you talking about. I disregarded the other stuff on this review too. I got mine delivered on Friday. I ordered from America thinking I was getting a good deal. I didnt want to believe any of this bad stuff about it. Well, let me tell you.....I should have. You didnt even list what was good about it. Well I will.

The keyboard makes an alright controller but why would you want to? The action is terrible.

The polyphony is fine, but why would you want to hear 20 notes of simultaneous horns?

The knobs are fine but they don't do anything. REALLY, I think mine are broke at least they feel that way .

My mates have all tried it. NONE think it sounds decent and have tried to convince me to sell it. I wont even make my money back. I will have to sell it at a loss.

There is more good things than bad. We all know this by now. You need to try it before you buy it. If you can't then DONT BUY IT CAUSE YOU WILL BE VERY VERY VERY SAD.

I think that Henry Quince works for Ensoniq. A real owner would never say those things.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Sunday-Oct-10-1999 at 20:34
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