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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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squidpop a professional user from land o dubya writes:
I think the EPS is a great board to start with. To use it, you will need a mike, so you can sample and a line in, so you can sample from a CDROM. Your unit should also come with 3.5 DD floppies. You must have at least the OS on floppy, so you can start the instrument. Blank floppies will help, so you can store the samples you make. There are often sounds for sale on eBay.

EPS does not have an amp. You will need to listen with headphones, or get a nice little pair of biamped Events. This machine can be a little touchy and the menus are not always intuitive.

I think this is a great tool. Very nice for hip-hop. It has a nice onboard sequencer for composing ideas and songs. Squid

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Nov-04-2001 at 13:11
Yin Man from FINLAND writes:
This IS ultimate technomachine no other equipments needed -maybe one analog to sample and for live tweeking. Resampling, good crossfade loops and layers are also good parts of it with excellent fx. It takes no more memory to create layer copies of samples -and then you can edit parameters and put both layers playing at the same time -but you can also add some delay when sound comes in or put that other layer appear after you release a key.. =) its a beast. ASR10 is even little better, but not much -little bug fixes and so on.. same FX, SEQ and Edits.

EPS16+ has same 24bit effects than ASR10. But its not as good as D4P.. That keyboard calibration err. could be repaired if you know what connectors had to sold again -some of them could be broken. I saw wizard to do this @ somewhere, i dont remember where. All i can remember (-i did it once) that it was litlle circuitboard under keyboard keys. Good Luck.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-03-2001 at 09:00
TDHH a hobbyist user writes:
The EPS-16+ is the centerpiece of my set up. It's flexibility in sound processing (or destruction in my case) is quite remarkable. A seemingly bottomless bag of modulation possibilities, really good on board effects (comparable to DP4, I'm told), which are expandable with Waveboy disks, nice keyboard, the patch select buttons make it ideal for live use. Multisampling and layering galore. It's not all perfect, of course. I have the keyboard problem that a lot of owners complain about; in colder or damp weather it sometimes fails to calibrate. In which case, I simply leave it on for a little while, restart it, and it generally works then. Both of my sliders broke, but that was probably my fault. Editing requires a lot of scrolling, but you get used to it. No resonant filters, boohoo. It only takes double density disks, which you might have a hard time finding. I could see this machine being great for hip hop (used by El-P and Mobb Deep), noise, IDM, etc. Maybe not so good for techno? I paid $550 for mine, and it's totally worth it. Get yourself a good sequencer (the onboard is shite!) and go out and slay some wanky MPCs! Seriously.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-02-2001 at 15:05
body count a professional user from southkorea writes:
great sampler!! I mainly using and sample for the beat.I think the eps-16 is better than sp1200 for the drums.people know the eps-16 can select sample rates from 44.6khz all the way down to 11.2khz,but the other samplers can select too.the eps16 is special after you select sample rates you can also edit sample filter and if you select out.the sample will be very fat!!! asr10 can edit sample filter.the eps16 rulez

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Aug-24-2001 at 12:15
LC a part-time user from USA writes:
Excellent sampler. No built in sounds or factory presets because it's all about the SAMPLES!!!!. I love the adjustable sample rates from 44.6khz all the way down to 11.2khz.I sample at 22.3khz for a little gritty flavor. Has effects and you can resample with effects. Uses Double Density floppy disks so make sure you buy them from wherever you can because they are becoming hard to find. The sequencer is a little basic but it's tight and it gets the job done. Has the ability to layer samples on top of each other. It's a hard to find classic. If you can't get the older brother,the ASR-10 then the EPS16+ will do perfectly.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-07-2001 at 00:57
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