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Average rating: 3.6 out of 5
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Zach Peterson a hobbyist user from Minnesota USA writes:
I got the proteus 2000 several months ago, and though I really thought it was great when I first got it, some how it leaves me kind of uninspired. I use to own a crappy old yamaha mu-50 and I pumped out kickass songs like crazy. I took those crappy and sounds and made good songs out of em, and here I am with over a 1000 new sounds, and I havent written one full song. Dont get me wrong many of the sounds are pretty top notch. The synths, and wavs rock but I find myself less than inspired with the drum kits, horns, winds. The drum kits are ok actually but the high hats could use that drum machine feel. Many of the pads are unusable unless your making some happy ass trance bullshit, but for the price I think the proteus 2000 was a great buy, I really wanted to get something decent for under a grand. But I think if I wouldve sprung a few hundred more bucks for a nice roland module I would be alot more happy. Then again I only have the composer sound set so I hope the tscy has some nice basses and kits. You can edit some very cool stuff though maybe thats the reason why I havent written anything is because I sit and play with sounds and creation so much. I think the p2k is a pretty decent machine but I think you could get better (it still a billion times better than my old yamaha) so i'd rate it at 3 out of 5. When I get some cash I'll get the tscy rom and see if I find inspiring or not.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-12-2002 at 16:20
Peter Kadar a professional user from Canada writes:
It's been a year since I wrote my last P2K review, so I thought I'd pass on some more impressions since I've had some more time to "live-in" the machine a bit.

I still stand behind most of what I said in my first review. I've discovered things since that I find both very helpful and very inconvenient.

I've begun to take advantage of the extra outputs that can be used as FX sends and returns. This is a nice touch, and helps out the very limited onboard effects. In my live situations, I use this mainly as an extra channel for a phrase sampler that dosen't get used often--this keeps me from being a channel hog, and makes setups quick and simple. The dual MIDI ins are also a welcome feature. I have a Roland A-90ex, and a VK-7 organ both midi'd in with the unit permanently in multimode. I use the VK as the main controller w/ program change enabled on four channels, and the A-90 gets its own input, with program change disabled. When I need great strings behind the piano, I hit a button on my controller, and it's always there. It's very slick and customizable for gigging.

I've gotten a session gig, and I find the ability to find sounds quickly to be very valuable. Also, having the knobs makes it easy to modulate the sound if I'm playing a controller with few knobs and silders on it.

I've got the unit fully loaded with the ZR-76, B3, and Orchestral Strings installed. The ZR board (as mentioned in my previous review) is not bad. I found it to have a very nice high register, but overall I don't favour its sound as much as the A-90. Live, I still use the A-90, but in the studio, strangely, the ZR piano souds amazing. It fits in the track beautifully; the already detailed high end sings, and the normally muddy middle register manages to sound full bodied and clear, fitting perfectly into the track with no additional EQ or anything. I have no clue as to why this is. In the studio, we run in stereo, and mono live, but in no other piece of gear I have ever owned, has this made so much a difference. This is my main piano sound in the studio. There are other nice sounds on board as well as some high quality stereo sampled drums.

As far as sampled B3's go the EMU chip is great. I own a VK-7 as well as a real Hammond C3 & Leslie. Both of those are obviously better, but for live and in the studio, I use the EMU just for the sake of ease of use and portability. It works great in both of these situations, and if I control it from the VK nobody knows that I'm not playing the organ. The Emu actually has some grit and bite in the note's attack that the physically modelled VK lacks. Not a perfect clone, but sounds great, and I get a lot of compliments about how good my organ tone is.

I use the Orch 1 chip just to put a nice string sound behind my piano if I'm playing a ballad or whatever. Live, I think that it loses some of its subtlety, but in the studio it really sounds incredible. My first choice for section strings, bar none.

The most irrating thing I have discovered about the P2K, is that the link mode dosen't work as I would like it to. I was programming some sounds for a kid's show, and was on a tight schedule. I found a bass sound that I wanted to put in the left hand of my piano sound. I went into my piano sound, changed the key ranges, went to "links," grabbed my bass sound, set the key range, and found the bass sound sounded totally different in the context of the piano patch. Apparently, when you do a link, the linked sound is offset by the destination sounds' parameters, so the filter, envelope, etc, don't behave the same way. There are time consuming workarounds, but I just wanted the pathces to sound the same no matter where I sent them. What should have taken minutes took almost an hour, stress, and a call from Toronto to California to only half solve the problem.

Again, I am still happy with my purchase, and would still highly recommend it to others. Be aware of its limitations, but be aware that there are ways around them. The sound quality varies from acceptable to outstanding, especially where the expansion chips are concerned. It's built well, very easy to use, offeres a very comprehensive synth engine (now with fifty filter types!) and pretty reliable. I still think that when you add it all up, it still amounts to an outstanding bang for the buck. Feel free to email me with any questions.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-07-2002 at 21:08
Mark a part-time user from Egypt writes:
Owned this rack for 1 year. Now for sale. Also own TR rack, wavestaton,jv1010,virus and these all blow the proteus away to the point of sounding as tinny as a kids bontempi.I tried adding new cards, world(good percussion,),techno and xlead(uninspiring). If you need loads of sounds but arn,t too bothered about awesome quality then buy mine.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-08-2002 at 06:11
DZ from Studio writes:
I don't know why my earlier (over year ago) sended review isn't here. Anyway I'd like to say to you that this synth was the biggest dissappointment. I sold my JV to get this. It wasn't even close as good as jv. Maybe electronic drums are better than in basic JV-1080 but other are really crap. Some samples are really bad and you can hear loops of the samples(I don't know if they have ment it). It's a bit hard to edit at first even there is those knobs. Tons of BAD presets. Why to put over 1000 crap presets to synth? I founded about 10 usable sounds of 1000. There is some good electronic pianos and drumkits but other are joke. If somebody says that this unit sounds good, I think they have owned...umm... what could it be.. Roland MT-32? I mean for this price this is crap. There is plenty stuff to edit. Many different filter-types; What do you do with tons of filters if raw waveforms sucks? My advice: buy something else. Even JV-1010 sounds much more pro than this (100 times, but no you can't compare those machines).

Usually I say that it's just how you use it or what for you use it but now I'm not gonna say it. This sucks in any department, sorry. I have owned over 40 synths from Korg Prophecy to Kurzweil K2000 (including Yamaha VL, Kawai additive synthesizers, half analogs, etc).

There is no machine that somebody wouldn't like so I'm sure there is many(?) happy owners.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-30-2002 at 09:48
René Westh a professional user from Denmark writes:
I have been twisting the P2K module for 3 month now. It finally coming around to be usable. I had to substitute my Mr. Rack module with P2K as it came closest, but the sounds in P2K are not even in the neighborhood of Mr Rack. It is as if the sampled sounds are to "loose", and in order to get a decent Grand Piano, I combined it with our old Roland P330. Also to reach a decent El-Piano sound I had to combine it... It Works, - but...

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Friday-Jan-25-2002 at 06:46
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