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Average rating: 4.0 out of 5
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Gilmore a part-time user from USA writes:
Just an FYI, E-Mu recently announced on the Audity users' mailing list that they are releasing a 2.01 OS upgrade which will fix the well-known bugs in the device (including note-dropping and pan/filter issues). So, bear that in mind when considering whether to get it.

posted Tuesday-Mar-28-2000 at 16:32
fitz a professional user from USA writes:
great module if you get the 1.0 version of the operating system. The 2.0 version adds neat new features but it also adds some serious bugs that make the unit basically unusable in most situations. EMU support has not responded to the issue and since the unit has poor sales they probably will not bother to fix it. Sad really because this thing is a beast when it works properly.

I'll be wary of buying from EMU in the future.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Mar-15-2000 at 10:46
mick a professional user from marin, california writes:
The Audity 2000 does not demo well. sales personelle don't seem to understand this box and express no knowledge of its qualities. The night I brought my Audity back to the studio and began exploring the factory sounds, I came upon its maniacal gifts. Try using this monster on strings, wind, brass sounds on other modules. You will immediately know how some of these film composers are getting their signature sounds. It was by pure accident that my video machine was running a movie at the same time as my exploration on the Audity with strings. The soundtrack for this movie indeed was using the Audity to power some of its orchestrations. I have also used the Audity to control Reaktor 2.3 in my computer. It is an intense machine at tempos of 90BPM. Slower tempos are possible down to 1 bpm. The update is significant and excellent. I have made it a point to call sales at emu and thank them. This box is not for the complacent. It takes a little time just to realize that alot is going on inside. I would definitely recommend a sound editor, i.e. SoundDiver 3.0, to mess with this box. Bottom line opinion: I'd buy two more for both live and recording applications. This is not a kid's tool. Buy it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-14-2000 at 03:30
bruce a professional user from USA writes:
Alex, you can't listen to the presets and judge. The Audity IS a sample playback synth but it's also fairly deep with a decent layout and stong programming features.

I got it for the 16 arppegiators and as I started tweaking sounds I found it made some expressive textures as well as beeps and boops (good for arppegitions.) Want complex sounds that change over time? Easy, route an LFO or use filter 4, 12 or 27. Want a good analog style synth, try filter 3, 7 or 10. And this has nothing to do with the basic synth sounds in memory. This is not a good synth for realistic emulative timbres but for synth sounds it can be very good.

It sounds good in a mix with my Z1 and to be honest it's easier to create a patch on this synth so I tend to go for a sound on it first. Don't get me wrong, the Z1 is great but it takes work to program and sometimes ideas don't want to wait.

The 50 Z Plane filters are significant. If people are buying the Audity for presets then listen first and look at the manual before walking out with the box. The combination of Z Plane filters and patch cord programming creates some compex timbres. Also, you can use up to 4 samples at any given time. I've found 1 or 2 can be effective.

Then there's the 200 preset arppegiations and 100 user slots available. Also, this is a polyphonic arppegiator that transmits one arppegiation per channel. The control over each arppegiator is good. Listen to the demos at

If someone can't find use for this box I don't think they're putting much effort into it. Without spending a bit of time in the manual this box doesn't seem all that interesting and gets ugly sounding with a couple of appegiations going, but if you put half an hour into the manual you'll learn enough to get around this synth with ease.

I've spoken to a couple of people who've upgraded to the 2.0 version and complain of bugs including timbres that change over different channels and appegiations. I have the 1.0 version and for the time being will not upgrade until the bugs get fixed. For it's current price it's a great bargain.

It's not a VA, it's not supposed to be a VA synth. For what it is the Audity 2000 is a capable and flexible musical instrument.

posted Monday-Feb-14-2000 at 02:58
Alex Daniels a professional user from USA writes:
Very disappointing - I expected much more from EMU. I think one word describes this unit...


It does nothing well, it's just kinda below average and the presets completely lack insperation. It really sounds like a cheap rompler with a limited range of sounds. For $350 you can get an FS1r that disgraces the Audity in every way.

The only way I could see you liking this is if you own no other synths or samplers. Otherwise steer clear of this abortion of a synth.

Shame on EMU! They should have at least realized how crap this unit was and badged it as Ensoniq so as not to tarnish the up-market EMU name.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Feb-13-2000 at 23:05
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