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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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sasha a professional user from london writes:
Alesis Andromeda is the future of analog...period.I find it hard to understand how anyone who is into analog synths cannot like this machine it is absolutely a dream come true.The designers of this machine have taken Analogue synthesis and give it MDMA.This synth can do the lot,whilst I love all the old analogues and think they are all great I personally think this synth is absolutely amazing,if you want bass that moves furnture it does it,if you want strings that give synthexs something to think about it does them,sound efxs that can only come from massive modulars are now childs play with this synth,easily the next step in analogue synthesis.The people that slate this thing have never owned one I am convinced of that or they are hard of hearing.I agree this synth does take some getting used to its mod routings are so deep that anything can mod anything it is insane,it really is like having a massive modular in front of you but with a nice easy to use mod matrix in front of you in a nice display,I find the dials that select mod routings a little sensitive and it can sometimes be a pain to select the item in the mod table you want but i would rather that than patch a massive modular with leads.Think about this-get a simple bass sound and create a simple bass pattern then get the lfos 3 of them to modulate frequency,filter decay and anything else that will make the sound pulse,add a bit of reverb from the andromeda and the groove has gone from simple to downright funky and pulsing.People moan about the effects in the alesis sure it aint no eventide but what other analog comes with effects like what is in the andromeda....none.The sequncer in the andromeda is stunning a little fiddly but great,the arpegiator is great and everything can be clocked to midi in any time even over bars.The thing is great,the oscilators are fantastic and the filters yes thats filters 2 of them with loads of varios modes,you can stack them in serial or parralell and adjust the volume of bp hp lp.Those who say they have replaced this with a jupiter 8 and a moog are stuck in the past,yes they are great synths but times have changed,music has changed,and finally analogue synthesis has changed and for the better.I have practically every analogue polysynth ever made and a few monos and i can honestly say this synth outstrips them all,if you are into programming a synth instead of churning out the same boring tones that we have heard a million times before from the jupiters and memory moogs then this synth is for you. Get one,learn how to prgram it and then watch people when they hear your music and wonder what synths you used to get those cool sounds....It will be an andromeda,in 10 years times you will not be able to get one of these.My only gripe would be the casing of it being plastic,they should have gone for a cool metal casing like on the jupiter8,i will say the casing does let it down,it does not feel cheap and the dials on this sythn are lovely ti use but a metal case would have made it more solid for on the road. if i could give this synth 10 million out of ten i would,but i will give it a five. Top notch,world class future analogue synthesis,if it was develoiped and released now it would still blow peoples heads off with what it can do.Alesis you are genius it is a shame that you went under and for that there is no justice in the world. get one now while you can whilst people are selling them because they are listening to the people who moan about them because they have never owned one.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-04-2005 at 18:17
lagoogy a professional user from uk writes:
Awesome work of art this machine is,I have plenty of old analogs and this machine destroys them all in terms of quality of sound,modulation possibilities and design,in short this machine is genius and it looks lovely too.Those who say it is rubbish either do not know how to program,have not spent enough time learning this masterpiece or do not have one or have tinkled with its presets in a store somewhere. Where else are you going to find a machin that sounds like this-that allows you to route like a giant modular and utilise filters that are amazing,where else can you get a machine to do all that and then stack 16 sounds in a multi mode performance each with arp's efx's and sequencers for each part. This is like having 16 modulars all waiting for the patch cords to be inserted but without the hassle of patch cords. The team that made this synth should be decorated as they have taken analog to the next step,but,it seems all some people can do is moan about it because they cannot use it properly-yes it does have a steep learning curve for some of its functions but it is worth it. Have we really all become so spoiled that when a machine of this calibre turns up we have people who moan about it?we are all so fortunate to live in a time where such technology is available-we are priviliged and yet still moan about these beautiful creations. Make music instead,this machine is the best analog poly i have played and i have played them all.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-01-2005 at 07:18
Ford a professional user from America writes:
I traded a Jupiter 6 and a couple of other synths for my A6. It made stuff like the Jupiter 8 and 6 look very limited. If you traded an A6 for a Jupiter you would be very disappointed. They just don't cut it. This synth is light years better. I have a Prophet 5 which sits above it. It's good for a few sounds like the Jupiter 6 was. The 6 is more capable than the 8 which I've also had. The A6 just blows it out of the water. It has such a huge sound scape. The 'bugs' are hard/impossible to find. The bugs in my Jupiters caused them to blow up and cost me hundreds of bucks. Ignore the naysayers. This is in a league of its own.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-18-2005 at 13:00
Disease Factory a professional user from colorado writes:
sounds bad, not hi fi at all. built in fx are bad, real bad. the outputs are muddy and gross. only good at pads and sound fx, leades are oogy, bass is oogy, envs are horrid. not even worth 500 bucks to me..

sounds like the matrix 1000 to me, mushy, un snappy, oogy, boring, and low fi. owned it for a year, programmed many sounds, never liked it..

Bought a jupiter 8, sh2, and micromoog to replace it. all these synths smash the a6 in the face. not to mention i got all three for about what i paid for a lame a6..

I'm sick of seeing the hype surrounding this over hyped and grossly exagerated synth. The modulations are vast, sure, but if you make the osc sound good (by turnign on high quality mode), and envs snappier (yeah right) the modulations bogg, slow down, and zipper, sounds horrid. Its a mickey mouse hack of a synth. they tried to make it do to much and the sound quality suffers because of it. Should of been 8 voices, with a much faster cpu for modulations.. but no. it has an under powered cpu in it. it cannot even remotly pull off its modulations with any accuracy and percision..

get the heck out of here with the hype of this thing.. i'm so sick of reading people sing its praises, but never paid attention to its short commings...

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-18-2005 at 05:30
steve a professional user writes:
Just like to add to the reveiw below,I stacked some bass sounds together in mix mode and yes this machine can produce big bass sounds but you do have to layer sounds to get this big bass sound. I must confess to still learning this machine and it is going to take an age to try everything out because it is like a big modular synth with all the endless routing possibilities that you could dream of.I do not regret buying it and after playing with it some more last night and really delving into it I find it is an amzing peice of technology but I do find trying to envisage what the sound will come out like daunting but it is good for experimenting on and making sounds that pulse and twist,I can imagine what it must be like to try and patch sounds on a big modular but this machine gives you that without the cables and hassle.I think actually on thinking about it for sheer dept of programming it deserves a 5,for build quality a 4,for sound a 5(but you will have to work to get really good sounds that do what this machine is capable of justice)its not a simple tweek and go machine.I found last night that I just got lost in twiddling and shaping sounds and before I knew it 4 hours had past,it was enjoyable and I made some good sounds but you can lose whole nights just playing with this. Best Poly in the world?I dont know,in some respects yes but I still love my obxa but for sheer programming ability the andromeda leaves every synth I have played standing,this is not for the faint hearted you will need to really learn this beast to get the sounds that do the synth justice out of it.PLEAE IGNORE THE PRESETS THEY ARE JUNK and I think that is the problem because it can taint your veiw of this machine its only when you really get under the hood that magic happens.I originally gave this a 3 out of 5 but last night I thought 'come on this cost nearly 3000 pounds new it must have something' and after spending all last night on it I have to agree it is a beauty but be prepared to program it,it is a programmers synth.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-18-2005 at 05:13
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