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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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EJ a professional user from Netherlands writes:
Well, everything concerning the beauty and endless freedom of this synth has already been said and explained so much that is just agree with all that, cause this synth makes me feel so gooood...

Only thing i want to say is that people who notify this thing as garbage , fuck off, you don't know what you're talking about. The build quality of mine is excellent and it might not be a minimoog or a jupiter 8, that's just a shame for these two oldies, that they can't do like and sound like this thing. Moog and Roland should worry about making something right now that's better then the A6...

Good luck with that..


Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-20-2006 at 04:13
sneakyalien a professional user from uk writes:
Man I have to have a chuckle to myself when I read peoples comments about the Andromeda,especially when they are slating it because it does not sound like a jpiter 8 or minimoog or an oberheim. Come on get real!!!Disliking a synth because it does not emulate old analogues.Yes they are superb in their own right but simply are no match for the mighty Andromeda. The Andromeda has taken analog synthesis to the next stage and it seem only a few enlightened people can recongise this fact;simply put the Andromeda is the most beautiful sounding analogue poly synth on the planet...period. I have all the old analogues,the jup 6,quadras,obxa's,memorymoogs and the Andromeda shows them up for what they are....old.

It amazes me that people want a synth that produces sounds from synths that are in some cases over 20 years me all the sounds that are going to come from the old analogues have been realised by better people than yourselves and trying to sound like someone from 20 years ago is a sad show in my book. Get an Andromeda and leave the old sounds behind and embrace the new sounds that this synth will give. Yes the learning curve can be steep but so what?Is'nt the point of being into synths about making cool new sounds and making great electronic music? The Andromeda is superb,sounds amazing and whats all this crap about build quality???slating a synth because yours has a problem with tuning 3 voices is sad...get it fixed and get over it.

Its a great synth and the people who slate it are either a) talentless b) have never owned one c) insanely jealous.

Do not make the mistake of judging the Andro on the presets because they are lame but do the job of showing you programming tecniques when you analyse the presets.

Come on ...Full analogue, Unlimited mod routings, in built sequencer,arpegiator in built effects processor all under the control of loads of hands on dials.

Amazing synth that will make sounds that leave old analogues gagging for breath.

easily a million out of five.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-13-2006 at 08:46
alesis fanboy a hobbyist user from planet alesis writes:
to cut it short, it would be a great synth, if not the best analog synth of all time, if the build quality wasn't this poor and if there weren't this much bugs left. my a6 has 3 voices that keep being tuned down up to one semitone, I tried to autotune the crap out of it, but they keep being detuned... pretty sad, check your a6 before purchasing if you intend to... I give it 3 points, but I'd surely give it 5 if they would keep updating the OS and the build quality (knobs etc.) wasn't that bad...

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-25-2006 at 03:57
Niles Barker a professional user from UK writes:
Not much in life is certain. One thing that is, is that the A6 is the finest analogue synth of all time and possibly the future too. Ignore the non owning naysayers. Jealousy is a cruel mistress! If you actually own an analogue synth from days of yore, you will now about the troubles and uncertainties. And the expense. The A6 is better sounding, beter looking, yes, even better than a prophet, and more capable than any other synth, even than a modular. It is better than a memorymoog, it's better than a matrix 12, prophet and blah, blah! It is the complete, wonderful, beautiful supersynth that modern technology promised. Ignore the laughable rubbish you read here. It is the best...of all time. When you sit it next to a Jupiter 8, you can easily see the large steps forward in sound creation possibilities, style and presentation that have been made. The Jupiter looks and sounds hopelessly outclassed, and it really hurts me to say that. The A6 is the best studio analogue synth of all time. It's the best analoue to use live. It has the fastest envelopes. Nice switch gear etc etc..Jealousy is a cruel mistress. There are more reviews here than just about owners of the synth...think why! True greatness brings out the worst in people. Are Alesis still making them. I know people who've tried to buy one. It never happens. Bullshit about bad components and sinking delivery boats it what's offered. The far east gets blamed as well. Truth...they don't make them any more.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-01-2006 at 09:32
iwasthere a professional user from somewhere in spain writes:
I will write a longer review sometime, since I'm pretty tired, here the most important thoughts about the a6:

-overrated sound. filters aren't as fat as the origins, however pretty versatile oscillator combination... still, the sound actually is far away from what you consider a good analogue synth... here' you don't get quality sound but versatility -still many many bugs which will never be sorted out since the last update of the OS is more than five years old -knobs are just plain crap -pretty thin sound in comparison to other analogue synths which IMHO is a good thing if you know how to use an EQ...

3 points

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-28-2006 at 01:05
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