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Lior Z a professional user from USA writes:
I just wanted to answer some questions that people asked me here. Is it Analog or Digital ? Well, I opened it up ( very easy by the way) and I'm sure it is analog. you have to remember that in the 80's Synth manufactures like Roland/korg and many others such as the Kawai SX-240 or Oberheim Matrix-6/1000 were using DCO ( Digital control Oscilator) for the VCO and the rest of the keyboard was pure analog. In my humble view, The Akai AX-80 and most analog Synthesizers used DCO (Other than Classic oldies such as Jupiter-8 or Yamaha CS-60-80 etc. that did used Real big Circuit boards for VCO's) Most of them sounds realy great and it is because the Enevelopes/filter section was analog. The AX-80 filter can scream and create Blippy sounds. Once more add the fact that you have 3 programmable LFO's , 2- complete ADSR's and a Key Tracking/Velocity to contrlo the filter - It calls for a complex advanced editing. When you buy a DCO based Analog synthesizer you don't have to worry about the tuning but even Jupiter-6 is not all analog. Also, If you are looking for 1 synth to do it all -than forget about the AX-80, buy yourself a workstation like the Korg Trinity/Triron or Roland XP-80. The AX-80 is purely for Analog sounds. Also, The Midi has 2 channels assignment: 1-for reciving and the other for transmiting.

The AX-60 is only 6 voice and lacks the extra VCO and the SubOscilator the Velocity and the rest of the powerful editing features described here which can be found only on the AX-80 - his big brother. However, the AX-80 does have INPUT...but that is another story.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-22-2001 at 20:44
Lior Z a professional user from Denver CO USA writes:
I got mine from a guitar player -Who else ? he never changed the factory presets that came with the synth. I was about to throw it out of my house when I got it. But i gave it a chance and started to play with it, twicking the knobs..etc. After few hours I came up with some really fantastic sounds. After a month I can say that this is a really nice synthesizer. It is not the common Roland/Korg and does not sound like one but in time you recognize and learn to use the super powerful technical side of it and than you'll be spending hours making new sounds. It definitly has it's own sound that make it special. I got some nice strings ( add reverb...) pads and I even achived heavy Acid Bass sound but the best in my view is the fact that you can come up with great sparkly blippy crazy-sweeping pads and spacious sounds ( 3-LFO-4-Waveforms) from other planets... Now I can give it a 5 out of 5 for the ultimate uniqueness and parameter features and for the fact that this beast ( very heavy and great looking) costed me less than ...well, this is my little secret. If you have one -Don't sell it, they really don't make them like this no more.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jan-22-2001 at 20:23
annoin a professional user from us writes:
I forgot to mention that there is a great site for this synth at: check it out, It has a lot of Info. peace

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-18-2001 at 00:39
annoin a professional user from us writes:
The AX-80 is a very cool Analog synthesizer It has 8 voice with 24 oscilators 16 osc and 8 sub osc with detune ( osc-2) 2 full ADSR EG's with tracking and velocity you can also use a 3rd option that combines the VCF and VCA eg 4 pole LPF VCF with self oscilating res and EG plus you get the Hi Pass Filter from 0-99 3 LFO each with 4 waves for VCO1, 2 and VCF Cross Modulation and more... you can create nice pads and even cool beefy basses the greatest feature are the "display" unlike all analog synths this one shows you in a Visual bars ( cool Blue LED) the parameter values and also the numbers so you can edit it up by 1 number at a time instead of "Blank" very rare these days -everyone is holding on to them Got the basic Midi all 16 channels. ( In, Out & Thru )

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-18-2001 at 00:35
lorin a part-time user from USA writes:
Oh ya, I forgot to add some important points:

1.) It is VELOCITY SENSITIVE, and you can have the velocity control the filter envelope as well.

2.) The LFO resets every time you play a new key - kinda odd, but exactly what I need!!! I wish all synths had a choice to do this. (You don't have a choice here, it's what you get with the AX80). Really great for leads & basses.

3. Has MIDI, and sends out controller movements as SYSEX EX data, so you CAN record the filter sweeps & pitch bends.

Now I want an AX60 :)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-30-2000 at 15:08
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