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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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richy a professional user from Germany writes:
Hi I own this synthesizer since 1996. An1x was underrated because with feedback set to zero AN1x produces thin sound. But you can adjust this over almost the whole range of analog synthesizer models. Also the filter changes with feedback parameter. I compared it with the CS80 Filter. Its different but even this can be emulated. I worked some years to emulate important machines on An1x. Especialle some D50, Mellotron, CX3 Organ, Triton, JV1080 Sounds. Results can be downloaded for free on my site: ciao

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jun-26-2011 at 10:07
bouvetoya a part-time user from Ireland writes:
Bought for 45 euro a month ago, needed a good midi keyboard (I'm mainly analog) and couldn't resist at this price. Replaced the battery and the rest basically mint. Hooked up to Cubase and RM1x sequencer and "where have you been all my life". Excellent soundboard, easy to navigate around filters and VCOs, some pretty good standard patches too. Very tweakable and got a copy of the editor software which makes sound manipulation even easier. Why these are confused with the way inferior CS1x I don't know, this is a REAL synth; up there with the more costly Virus and Nord in my book. 128 memory patches is more than enough, unless you use more than that during a gig? Less is more in my book. One day synth players will look back on these 90s Yamahas with same fondness as the CS models of the 70s. I kid you not. The only other digital synth I have is an SY85 which I picked up for peanuts as well, its another great synth.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-12-2011 at 15:57
turnpark a professional user from united states writes:
I purchased the an1x in 1997, I opened the box and plugged it in... the problem was that I was leaving the state back to my real home and with it popping and clicking I felt like I was done with it. It was repaired in 1998 but not until this year have I understood the problem. The board fried because of the cartridge that hovered over the main board. The two processors weren't actually working.

To get the an1x working like new, if your under no professional help for repairs:

1. turn off the an1x 2 take off the back 3 take out the lithium battery 4 remove the processor 5 reset the cartridge and fasten it nice and tight so the processor is connected correctly (tight) 6. put a new lithium battery (check the type and write it down you'll need it!) 7.double check everything you just did (all wires should be connected) 8.screw the back on right away don't loose the screws (they're black) 9. hold down the numbers on the voice selection menu (7 8 9) while it's being turned on and hit (9) for all restore

If the popping and clicking stopped it was because of low battery and bad processor placement.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-04-2008 at 23:21
Yamakazi a part-time user writes:
Update; The sequencer WILL resopnd to MIDI start! Set the internal tempo to MIDI and hold a key on the keyboard down first (in hold mode 2-sel/shift) then press start on you host sequencer. The AN1x will kick into life as soon as it gets a clock signal and will stay in sync.

Don't forget to lower the dutune to 1 when in unison mode to get a bigger yet focused sound also use the on board Aphex enhancer FX at around 15-25% mix and the AN1X will blow away any Nord, JP8000 or MS2000.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-29-2006 at 12:04
Yamakazi writes:
I’ve just got my 2nd AN1x as I thought my old one it got left behind in the wake of the Supernova’s Viruses ect. How wrong I was.

Ok you only get two part multi, 10 voices and the interface is crap to say the least in fact it was this that put most people off. The naff presets and cheap looks akin to the entry level CS1x didn’t do the machine any justice.

You do get an excellent quality keyboard with a decent appreciator and fantastic analogue style step sequencer. Combine the sequencer with the keyboard and you have quick accesses to over 30 sequencers (depending on where you split point is) with the ability to transpose with the other half. The sequencer does note, velocity gate (good for legato and portamento) and most importantly ant MIDI controller you want. A very powerful tool but the only main gripe is that the sequencer doesn’t respond to MIDI start/stop so a quick finger on the sequencer button is often required. On top of that you get a four track free EG sequencer that can be synced to MIDI lengths or upto 16 seconds, great for evolving pads. Both can work together for amazing evolving rhythmic sequences.

The specs look pretty straightforward but there’s enough in there to give you a wide range of sounds. The ring mod sound excellent as does the FM but the feedback function is an overlooked strength that makes this VA’s sound stand out from the rest of the crowd. Use the feedback with caution but it really thickens up the sound almost like overdriving a real VCF but take the edge of your VCO’s and this effects the feedback effect as well as resonance settings. This really makes the synth behave in a very organic way almost like a real analogue, whack the synth into unison and it will hold its own against a Jupiter Xpander or Prophet 5. The FX are basic by some of todays standards but what you do get it top quality. A nice rich phaser, Yamahas classy symphonic chorus (good for Synthex emulations) and a licensed Aphex enhancer for when you want things to sound harsher like a real vintage beast (just turn down the onboard eq at the high end).

The 16 part mod matrix was something I didn’t really get my head around on my first AN1x but blows away most other VA synths (apart form Waldorf and Access maybe). The 8 knobs can act as modulation controllers as well your usual mod wheel, velocity, ribbon, ect. E.g you can have one knob controlling 16 different parameters at varying degrees for each destination or simply have various different controllers controlling different parameters at the rate you want them. The morphing feature is almost like a combination and works really well with subtle changes or any parameter that doesn’t step.

If Yamaha had given this synth a decent interface and better looks like the JP8000 then it would had been a legend and perhaps spawned more synths in the range to compete with the Supernovas ect but sadly the four voice AN200 was all we got which was another example of Yamaha’s cost cutting inhibiting a great synth design (DX7 anyone?)

However there is a solution!

I’ve made a preset for the Doepfer Drehbank which covers pretty much all the sound parameters in bank 1 and all parameters for the 16 setp sequencer in bank 2 and now the AN1x is one of my favourite ever polysynths. Ok AN1x’s are cheap but combined with a Drehbank you could get a second hand Virus but you won’t get as many ‘hands on’ parameters and combined with the sequencer blows away an MS2000 (except you don’t get a step lights).

All this fun and power in one package makes the AN1x (combined with a Drehbank) one of the most underrated synths ever and if you can live with the two part multi (you will only ever be playing two sounds at once anyway) and the 10note polyphony (not so much an issue with two parts) then your onto an legend.

-1* for the interface and crap looks.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-11-2006 at 13:00
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