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  TX-816 At a Glance
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Bruce Percy writes:
The TX816 is a 4 unit high rack which houses a power supply and eight TF1 modules. Each module IS an independent DX7 with 16 note polyphony.

This means that you have the possiblity of 128 note poly, and eight part multitimbrality.

Each module has it's own midi in/out socket and XLR audio output. There is no stereo master output, so you'll have to think seriously as to whether this synth is for you.

The sounds are glorious when layered. Yamaha provided factory patches which showed of the synth as a multitimbral sound module, and also composite patches where each module represented a different aspect of a sound.

Well cool, and in my opinion, seriously underrated.

I have the original factory sounds, so if you're interested, just e-mail me!

Comments About the Sounds:
Eight totally independent DX7's in a rack. Each has 16 note poly which makes for a very BIG sound if you layer all the modules together.

The beauty of this instrument is that each DX7 module could be programmed to mimick a different aspect of a sound. When all modules played together, the sounds can be very complex and rich. Especially when detuning each module.

(Thanks to Bruce Percy for this info.)
and PMir for the pic

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