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  TG-100 At a Glance
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John Italia writes:
I have to say, the TG-100 play back GM files better than any of my Korgs or Rolands, but other than that the sounds are really thin and poor. I may be biased - the individual patches do sound a lot like the W series to me (which I also find thin and tinny). Bottom line: you're not going to win a record deal with this little toy - but it play GM files and video game midi a lot better than a waveblaster.

Comments About the Sounds:
The drums are pretty punchy, the pizzicato strings are excellent. The reverb is actually very good. The samples are not too consistent across the keyboard, VERY little editability. You can get some decent sounds by layering patches by setting their midi channels equal to one another.

(Thanks to John Italia for this info.)

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