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  TG-33 At a Glance
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Ted Stahl ( writes:
I've always wanted a Wavestation. Someday I will own one. However, in the meantime, the Yamaha TG-33 has kept me quite satisfied with its vector synthesis capabilities...

Though this instrument instrument has some obvious limitations (12-bit samples, not-so-clean effects, limited steps for vector sequences, etc.) it can really sound WONDERFUL!

Far too many people focus on the shortcomings of instruments without trying to work around them or even WITH them (ie. turning a bug into a feature--). The fact is that everything doesn't have to be clean. And does everyone always recognize when a synth has a 12-bit sample once it's been effected and layered within a mix? I say "No" and I believe that the TG-33 proves my point. This synthesizer is capable of some extraordinary evolving sounds. Pads, strings and etherial voices can be wonderfully lush. At times, the TG-33 can be a little thin, but what it may lack in low end is compensated for in its seemingly organic intermingling of vector-assigned waveforms. And if you NEED more low end in a particular patch and you can't tweek it out, layer it with something else!

The module has 32-note polyphony, but if you're using patches that assign a waveform to each of the 4 vectors, your polyphony is chopped to 8-note. Choices for waveforms include 128 AVM (12-bit samples) and 256 FM voices. The samples range from pianos to running water. The FM voices inlcude many of the classics from the DX series.

The TG-33 also has an interesting drum kit. Though it's not quite what I'd call a collection of "Power Drums", there are certainly some nice sounds to add a little variety to your next percussion track. Heck, it's even got a not-so-shabby timpani!

If you're looking for something a little different from the current crop of analog revival instruments, this module could prove to be a complimentary addition to your setup--especially if you're into ambient textures or soundtrack scoring!

Comments About the Sounds:
Though it can't do the wavesequences like the Korg Wavestations, this instrument is a very impressive vector synth. It's evolving soundscapes are very impressive at its price.

(Thanks to Ted Stahl for this info.)
and Robert Frost for the pic

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