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  SY-2 At a Glance
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Pamela Parker writes:
Well-built, probably made in 70's. Monophonic. Outdated, but cool for the earliest synth. manufacturing period. Best for old, monophonic, analog sound "live". This synth has several features that were relatively rare for this time period:
  • 1.Presets (play presets and/or edit w/ envelope (ADSR)/filter sliders)
  • 2.Both High Pass/Low Pass Filters w/ Frequency & resonance sliders
  • 3.Keybd. pressure sensitivity to add vibrato, wah-wah filter, volume
  • 4.Tone Bend Feature-places bend at start of each note with adjustable attack, decay, and intensity (No pitch wheel or joystick)
  • 5.Unit built into bottom half of case.

    Comments About the Sounds:
    28 presets-typical 70's monophonic synth sounds; most with traditional names: flute,violin,guitar,tuba,harpsicord,etc. edit presets w/ filter/envelope sliders,tonebend,vibrato,portamento,aftertouch, etc. sliders,transposition,vibrato,tone bend, aftertouch, etc.

  • (Thanks to Pamela Parker for this info.)
    and Goran Jankovic from Zagreb Croatia for the pic

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