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  SS-30 String Ens At a Glance
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Erik Mikael Karlsson writes:
I also own a Korg ES-50 Polyphonic Ensemble which I also love but this Yamaha String Ensemble has really an extremely shimmering and fat sound that's almost the best analog strings I ever heard. The strings has of course nothing to do with the sounds from real strings but I'm crazy with these analog string-sounds - warm, shimmering and clean. My Yamaha SS-30 is in mint condition and has the real vintage feel to it - it's completely in wood and really looks great! If you love analog strings and ever come across a SS-30 - just buy it!!!

Comments About the Sounds:
The strings of this machine are just marvellous! Just add some chorus, flanger and some reverb and you have a shimmering string sound that is among the best I've ever heard from string-machines from the 70s.

(Thanks to Erik Mikael Karlsson for this info.)

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