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  S-80 At a Glance
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Jos Kessels writes:
The S-80 is my first synthesizer so I am not a synth expert or something like that. Normally I play the piano and that was the reason for me to buy a Yamaha S-80. With its 88-keys it is just perfect for me. I have hooked the synth up to the computer and used Cakewalk as a sequencer. It just works fine with the "To Host" connection on the synth. Also, you can transport data to your computer and back to your synthesizer. I use it mainly for live performance and I think that that is the best way to use this synth!

I am very eager to hear something about the S-80 from expert synth-users!

Comments About the Sounds:
All the sounds are great!

(Thanks to Jos Kessels for this info.)

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