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  MK-100 At a Glance
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Alex Baumann writes:
for $10 its a deal. i have spent a total of $30 for this, the PSS-470, and the Boss (roland) DR-110 rhythm, which is excelent. there are great deals for thing that look like toys out there, so lets buy them. (i also have a casio which i saw in the trash from a car laying next to some old national geographics, that is also a calculator!

Comments About the Sounds:
no filter, simple envelope gens, simple 2 osc wave froms, lots of crappy digital choose a preset. then you turn on this set of controls that are in a window that you move with a knob, kinda like a toilet paper roll with letters on it. and you select two new wave forms. there are some pretty weird ones, but one is brassy, one is metalic, one is sine and the other is saw. sine is good for its best sounds--pads, and saw wave form is just good, but it needs to be filtered through an external filter. you ten turn the toilet roll and chose one or two preset EG modes. like one for attack like form, the other sustain, or decay etc, but all preset. then bellow is melody mixer. you can select another preset to add to this sound. the thing actually has memory and the sound you add can be one you already edited, so it becomes more complex, it even retains these patches after power off. but it might not be memory--its so crude that it might be switches or ! something. anyway, if you add the same sound you just made to itself, it gets a flanger sound that is good in the lower keys, but not great, sounds digital. the rest of the roll is all crap. one cool thing is the ability to turn a twelve position switch which transposes the pitch a few keys up or down, its pretty spooky, especially with the sustain on. weirdly enough it has tape out and in for saving patches etc. it sounds like the internet dialing so it might be sampler material. the only thing this is good at is bleeps. only in the high notes, and only with sustain on. also nice pads. both are with the sine waveform. The chorus is a mus? ????? ???? ???????? ??? ????? ?????? ???????? ?? ??? ???? ??? ??? ?? ???? ? ???? ??? ?? ??? ? ?????? ? ???? ???? ? ?????? ?????? ????? ??? ???? ????? ??? ???? ???? ?????? ????? ?? ???? ? ???? ??? ??? ??? ???????? ?? ?????? ????? ?????? ?????? ??????? ??? ??? ???? ???? ??? ?????????

(Thanks to Alex Baumann for this info.)
and Peter Ostrowskyj (Ontario, Canada) for the pic

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Deep Synthesis Page MK-100 info and .mp3 sound examples

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