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  GS-1 At a Glance
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Frederick J. Sherrod writes:
The GS-1 was touted as a digital piano, but had a larger selection of synthesizer sounds than just piano. It lacked any form of pitch bend and vibrato could only be added via the leftmost pedal switch. The GS-1 had very limited editing capability and could load different sounds into memory via a magnetic card reader. The GS-1 came with a voice library of 32 factory pre-programmed cards and several blank ones for backup. The GS-1 was sold before MIDI, but many can be found with the factory MIDI kits installed. The GS-1 has a nice 88 wooden, weighted, hammer-action keyboard which is very similiar to the KX-88. Sorry no aftertouch. The GS-1 looks like a piece of furniture with it's faux-wood finish and mini grand piano design. At 200 pounds, this unit was designed to be parked in the studio. The GS-2 is the roadworthy version of this synthesizer.

Comments About the Sounds:
The Yamaha GS-1 is an early FM synthesizer, almost the grandfather of the DX series. Many of the classic DX-7 sounds were born on this machine.The outputs have a noise floor which make the sounds grainy. Very good electric pianos, metallic percussive sounds, DX brass, DX strings, great organic pads. The unit has very limited editing capability, ie

(Thanks to Frederick J. Sherrod for this info.)

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