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ficus writes:
No doubt about it, this is a period piece (and HEAVY one at that) that could be done much better today, but for $200 I couldn't pass it up as a basement studio toy.

You get two sections with four tones per section, all mixable and with switchable tremelo. Both sections have their own outs and a mix out, and they can be detuned against each other for chorusing or weird fx.

The keyboard has some type of 70's velocity on it that controls volume and to some extent your clav/harpsichord percussiveness, you can get a fairly good "Superstition" sound out of it by detuning one section and adding a bit of harpsi with the clav sound. Weighted and heavy action, but much better than a synth.

Built like a brickhouse, this baby weighs close to 100 lbs but since I'm not moving it again, that's OK. Used by Rick Wakeman, Supertramp and others on tour at the time (they obviously had roadies).

Comments About the Sounds:
Your classic electronic piano sounds from the late 70's with clav and harpsichord.

(Thanks to ficus for this info.)
and Christophe Gérard for the pic

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