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  MK-1 S-2 Stage Performer At a Glance
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Barry verhaaren writes:
The stage performer is hard to use without a manual . You can edit filters ,pitch,aftertouch destinations in a function matrix The filters :resonance ,12 - 24 db/oct HP+LP. It is also possible to make a special envelope .(don't ask me how) I was pushing some buttons and the display shows :special envelope,analyse mode synthese mode, gain etc. I hope somebody sends me a manual because it's a very nice synth. By the way,it has a fourier syntheses mode with +/- 16 faders if you like organs you have to hear this .Turn on rotor (built in leslie sim.)switch to vcf-distortion(built in filter distortion)and freak .Sounds realy great. The effex are: chorus ,flanger and strings mode which sound great too. A noise osc with flute mode . controllable vcf-adsr,time /aftertouch,volume ,vcf cutoff,pitch,vibrato. Split mode ,sub osc on/off,drawbars for organ sim(great),vcf direct,oct switch for deep bAss sounds . And if you turn the synth on you don't need blanking christmas lights anymore

Comments About the Sounds:
all great if you change them a little

(Thanks to Barry verhaaren for this info.)
and Dave McVetty for the pic

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