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  Aelita At a Glance
Click for larger view arrowReleased: 1984-85?  Specifications
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Artyom Polyakov ( writes:
Aelita is a classique analog synth. It has no midi & audio ins. but analogsounds with GRYZZZZLY filter ( WOW !!! :-) and LFO cover everything! I usethis unit as sourse of interesting sounds with sampler and in real-timeplay. I hear a sounds of many synth ( from Korg Poly 61, Minimoog,Roland JP's & Juno's etc. to Korg Prophesy, Z1, Roland JP-8000, Yamaha VLetc.) but I can say that some sounds of Aelita are unique.... I recommend: if you find it - buy it !

Comments About the Sounds:
Grrrrrrrrreat analog sounds, bass sounds! SUPER-HYPER-MEGA-wonderfuldrones, strange noises..... ! Espesially recommended for experiments inelectronic and ambient music.

(Thanks to Artyom Polyakov for this info.)
and WC Olo Garb for the pic

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