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Nathan Degler writes:
An interesting soundcard. Fairly inexpensive, and has some fairly worthwhile sounds, even though they are the standard 128 general midi. The maunals included are absolute crap. They seem to assume you already know everything concerning midi, and what this card has to offer. The included software is 'ok', and they devote a great deal of space in the manuals towards it. UNFORTUNATELY they do not realize that most people prefer to use more standardized and well-written software sequencers such as Cakewalk, performer, or cubase. The manual doesn't even tell you which audio ports are which. It certainly tells you that it has lots of outputs and inputs, but neglets to specify what is what. A simple diagram would have been handy, or at least have it written on the card itself. Positives: A great way to get a cheap sampler-integrated sound card. Since you can pick up 32 pin simms for the price of a cup of coffee, it truly makes sampling cheap. Unfortunately, the card is quite slow in loading samples, and the software is rather clumsy. The same software for loading samples onto the board also controls the onboard effects, such as reverb, flange, chorus, and distortion. This is also rather clumsy and slow, but it does the job. The card has locked up on several occasions when too many effects were used. These effects are global, so so the only truly useful effect when working with samples and midi together would be one of the reverbs. Overall, I have grown fond of this card, merely out of sheer usage. It is NOT well documented though. The manual spends more time saying how great the card/software is, instead of actualy telling you how to use it. It comes with a joystic/midi adapter which has never given me any problems. I would most likely not buy this again, knowing what I know now. The hassle just isn't worth the payback.

Comments About the Sounds:
Standard GM sounds, but can be altered with onboard effects (global)

(Thanks to Nathan Degler for this info.)

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