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Alistair Cleminson-C writes:
I'm not much of a musician myself and my experience with keyboards is limited, but if you like your sounds strange and your programming practical ('lets see what happens when i do.....') this is a great piece of kit. Having no memory limits the reproduction of sounds to your memory or a rather large note pad, one way around this is sampling the sounds, this also gets around the problem of exactly no polyphony but distracts from the vaguely masochistic desire to get the biggest, widest sound from the machine itself (as far as I can tell this is only possible useing pulse width modulation).

Any review/description of this family of keboards have all mentioned the filters, the low pass will take everything down to 16Hz and the high pass goes up to 16kHz (approx.). The portamento slider covers as wide a range as the filters and at full setting will take a full five mins. to reach the note pressed (well it seems that way).

The VCO comes in three flavours Pulse, Saw Tooth and an external input to which all the filters and resonance can be added. Due to the short keyboard the current range is selected on a dial with Low, 64, 32, 16, 8 & 4 settings, 64 being the lowest pitch and 4 being the higest. The low setting uses the tuning nob to alter the pitch from roughly 2Hz to 25Khz, perfect for Josh Wink impressions. This is far and away the best way to get pich bend on the 60F as the once touch sensitive pitch bend pads require a force great enough to bend any stand to get the pitch to move a sixteenth of a semitone.

Whilst the 60F has just over a half of the features of its bigger brother the 110F, it will have as good a go at producing the wierdest, most bugged out sounds it can, and if you have the patience it will give you some very versatile conventional sounds (for a monophonic keboard at least).

Comments About the Sounds:
Future Music (Feb '98), said of its big brother the 110F 'If you can't find the sound you want with this keyboard, you're not trying hard enough.' this is half true for the 60F as it has about half of everything, one LFO, one Envelope Generator, one VCO with Pulse/Saw Tooth/External settings, one high pass and one low pass filter. For bubble and squeek sounds it kicks arse, just don't expect anything to sound too conventional.

The 60F will come close to string/snare/organ (and a great submarine ping) sounds depending on how long you're prepared to spend 'programming'.

(Thanks to Alistair Cleminson-C for this info.)
and marax for the pic

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