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  SM-PS50 At a Glance
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DREAMHOST ( writes:
Very simple, but nice machine. Only 40 sounds (20 preset + 20 user) to choose. Beautiful E Piano sound (with chorus)! You can edit only some parameters: volume, vibrato speed, key limit, tune mode, pitch, p.bender, octave shift. I bought this yesterday for 50 EUR... I think, Technics SM-PS50 is very rare machine.

Comments About the Sounds:
There are only 40 sounds (20 preset + 20 user sounds): piano, piano 2, e piano, harpsi, clavi, organ 1, organ 2, vibraphone, steel drum, jazz guitar, strings 1, strings 2, flute, trombone, saxophone, synth 1, synth 2, acous bass, e bass, chop bass. They are not quite realistic, but are warm and soft sounding. Suitable for almost everything. Very nice chorus effect!

(Thanks to DREAMHOST for this info.)

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