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Picture needed arrowReleased: 1999  Specifications
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LoHr ov Slayv Axis writes:
another very well built synth with alot of character.. the sounds are amazing, but it lacks a few midi things, it just has ur basic implementation. but i love this synth because of its sound character, its different then the rest.

The Syntrack combines a Digital Oszillator with an Analog Filter (MOOG Filter). The Filter Output passes through the Analog Distorter which shapes your Sound to be powerful and rough. The Syntrck offers 99 Programs and easy programing because each Parameter has a Pot. Every Operation on the Knobs will cause a Controller to be send to MIDI Out. And each Parameter listens to its Controller on MIDI In. The Lamps above the Knobs display an overdrive of the Pots.


99 Programs (1 .. 29 = Presets, 30 .. 99 = free definable Programs) Wavetable Oszillator with 100 Waves (expandable to 200) Analog 24 dB MOOG Filter with Resonance and Selfoszillation 2 Envelopes LFO Full MIDI Controll Velocity and Aftertouch sensitive Keyfollow Retrigger Function MIDI In / Out / Thru 19" / 1 Rack Spaces

Audio Filter Input

Comments About the Sounds:
its the first synth to combine digital FM synthesis with analog, it very hard techno oriented good for all ur techno and industrial needs, can be soft and mellow or straight up acid or noisy..

(Thanks to LoHr ov Slayv Axis for this info.)

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