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  Neptune 2 At a Glance
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LoHr ov Slayv Axis writes:
its built well, it looks great, it sounds even greater.. heres the technical info i ripped str8 from spectral audio's web site:

With the Neptune Mk2, the original Neptune has been even more improved and carries internal and general improvements. It has been changed:

Much better quality smooth potentiometer New graphics Soft touch knobs High efficiency 5mm leds 2.2mm travel push switches for optimal optical feedback Keyfollow switch has been added Freerun switch to have Osz3 free of the keyboard as the ProTone had Better Noise generator which is still a true noise generator with a spectrum now up to 100kHz Volume potentiometer has been added Power on Switch Several possibilities for additional manual changes

Also original Neptune already had: Pure DC Design means no capacitors in the signal flow Pure analog technique Low noise design High quality cascade filter True noise generator (NOT digital noise) MIDI Signal regeneration means the incoming MIDI signal is internal completely new generated to MIDI Thru, not only amplified The Neptune Mk2 still carry these advantages/features.

Complete Performance Features list:

Voltage Controlled Oscillator 1 and 2: Precise temperature stable Sawtooth and Rectangular Waves 4 Octave Range Switch for Osc2 Ring Modulation Sync for Osc 2 External Signal Input for Osc 2 White Noise Generator

Spectrum from 0 Hz (DC) to 100kHz True analog random noise, no digital shift register noise Slide

Slide Time from 0 sec to 10 sec Switch able by MIDI Controller 65 (Portamento) Voltage Controlled Oscillator 3 / LFO: Osc 3 can be switched between LFO (slow) and Oscillator Modus (fast) 5 Shapes Sawtooth, Triangular, Rectangular, Random and Noise. Osc 2 can also be a Modulation Source; through this also external Signals can be a Modulation Source. Freerun Button keeps Osc 3 free of the CV LFO MIDI Clock Sync 4 Modulation targets: Osc 1 and 2, Cutoff and Mixer Blue led Voltage Controlled Filter: 24 dB precision cascade Filter with Highpass and Lowpass Modes Self resonant Keyfollow switch 0% - 50% - 100% The two Filter and VCA Envelopes: Complete and very fast ADSR Envelopes with Attack, Decay and Release times in the Range of 5 millisec to 20 sec For the Filter with Positive or Negative Modulation Gate led

Effects: Distortion and Fuzzer Effect Switch Effect level potentiometer from no effect to max VCA and Volume: Volume potentiometer Low noise and low distortion VCA

Power: Power on switch Power on led

MIDI: 5 Octave Range precise MIDI to CV Converter MIDI controlled Cutoff (#2), Modulation (#1) and Portamento (#65) Receive Sustain (#64) and Pitch bend instruction Velocity Sensitive Filter dynamic operation Re-trigger function Filter TB303 Velocity mode Highest or last note priority CV and Gate In/Output (switch able)

General: Pure Analogue Technology 2 Unit Rack mount Enclosure Anodized colored 3mm Front Panel

Additional manual change possibilities (described in the Service manual) : Having PW(M) on Square Wave on Osc1,2 or 3 Osc3 Sync with Osc1 or Osc2 Even faster Envelopes (yes some people wants that) Increase tune range for Osc1..Osc3 Additional signal inputs and outputs (i.e. to work with your modular system or to have a very good Distorter and Fuzzer for guitar i.e.) General in/outputs of Oscillators, Envelopes, Filter, power supply, ...

Comments About the Sounds:
its pre analog with a VERY strong filter, 3 oscilators, fuzz and distortion effects. there is no stepping heard in any knob movements either. its sounds like maybe an sh-101/ mc-202 with a little tb-303 mixed in.. its very early 80's monosynth sounding.. not weak like mid-80's polys were. very heavy sounding, with good quality. it's exelent for analog leads and bass's, but dont expect any real pianos or organs or whatever.

(Thanks to LoHr ov Slayv Axis for this info.)
and c ollected at for the pic

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