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  MS20 At a Glance
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Adam Mottley writes:
The Solton MS 20 is the best all-around GM playback unit I've encountered. I've owned numerous Roland, Korg, Peavey, Yamaha, and Kawai synths/modules, and none of them compare to the cool sounds eminating from this box. The MS 20 reminds me of a Sound Canvas on steriods. The learning curve of the MS 20 is steep, but short (the manual is in 4 languages, so some directions are a bit ambiguous). I use the 2 rack space unit for live performance applications every week and have yet to get anything but rave reviews on the sound. I'll typically buy performance sequences and format them using a PC-based sequencer prior to use. Since myself and a partner handle all of the guitars, steels, etc. using real instruments, the Solton can really shine at what it does best: pianos, strings/pads, bass, drums, and especially BRASSES!!! No module in its price class rivals this unit when it comes to saxes, trumpets, bones, etc. It sports a high-density disk drive that can read up to 50 sequences per diskette (a night's work!). Sequences that sound cheesy/phony through my Sound Canvas sound great through this machine. It is refreshing when a product gives the working musician something that is relatively easy to use that sounds this good. Hats off to Solton!!!

Comments About the Sounds:
Great sounds overall

(Thanks to Adam Mottley for this info.)

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