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Simon Greenwood ( writes:
This is more a request for information than a review, but some maniac out there may have one of these.

A friend found it in a second hand shop in Edgware, north London. Research has confirmed that it's a Simmons product from the early 90s but little else.

Basically, it's a marimba/xylophone controller with built in sounds. It's two large units made of black ABS with green rubber pads. There seems to be some internal control between the units, which are clearly master and slave. Its sound selection may be suffering from a dead battery or broken ROM. I have a suspicion that it might be a prototype or pre-release model as it doesn't have a Simmons badge on it and doesn't look much like other Simmons products, especially in the early 90s. It is basically one of the strangest control devices I have ever seen and we need the MIDI implementation and as much info as possible. Any ideas?

(Thanks to Simon Greenwood for this info.)

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