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  DK70 At a Glance
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sutekh writes:
The sythesis setup is virtually identical to an Alpha Juno (Paraphrased from the Alpha Dial site: "The synthesis method is essentially subtractive. The DCOs can produce pulse, saw, and noise waveforms. The sound is then processed by a VCF , a VCA (voltage controlled amplifiers), DEG (envelope generator) and a chorus with an LFO (low frequency oscillator) that modulates the DCOs and VCF.") And the DK70 sounds very similar to the Alphas (I used to own an Alpha J2). But where the Alphas sound clean and tight, the DK70 sounds warm and fuzzy and therefore more "analog." If I didn't need the money I'd probably hang on to this synth, they're pretty hard to find (in my experience) and they make a nice addition to any home studio. Just like the Alphas, the DK70 is a good bridge between digital and analog which helps round out a mix.

Comments About the Sounds:
Sounds very similar to the Roland Alpha Juno's (1, 2, MKS50) and has an almost identicle method of synthesis (DCO, VCF, VCA, etc...) except the analog filter on the DK70 actually sounds "warmer" in my opinion. This synths is great for string sounds, pads, and strange noises, but it also does a mean synth bass. Also has good analog type brass and good organ sounds. This synth also has a nice Chorus effect

(Thanks to sutekh for this info.)
and Vincent Bruns for the pic

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