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Duane Balvage ( writes:
I got mine about 6 months ago, and I use it mostly for the string sounds, simply because that is where it shines. It has 4 sections, Brass, Piano Organ, and Strings. You can have more than one sound on at a time. It has a built-in chorus/flanger (mono) and a 7-band eq for warping the sounds further. I thought mine wasn't weird enough, so I hacked a phaser into it... now it's awesome! I would recommend it to a friend! Since it is organ based, it is ALL key polyphonic (49 keys). It would be even more useful with MIDI, so i am working on designing a MIDI interface for it. It sounds Great!

Comments About the Sounds:
It is basically a string/organ synth, similar to the Arp Quartet. The strings really shine through a phase shifter. The built in EQ can really warp the sounds (in a good way).

(Thanks to Duane Balvage for this info.)
and le computer for the pic

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