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  KK2 At a Glance
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Big. J writes:
One of best 88 key hammer action controller made by Samick who is one of best piano manufacture. It doesn't have as so many feature as PC88 or A90 but it certainly does its job. Construction quality is excellent and it looks very cool. It's hard to find here in the US though but if you see one somewhere and if you need quality controller then don't skip it. certainly grab it.

Here is some specs of KK2

Keyboard : 88 Hammered Action

Pitchbend Wheel

Modulation Wheel

Data Input : Data Wheel

PlayMode : Full, Split, Layer

Program Change : 1~128(with Bank Change)

MIDI TXD Channel : 1~16

Touch : 10 Types


Control Slider : 2(Modulation, Breath Control, Portamento Time, MIDI Volume, Balance, Pan, Expression, Reverb Depth, Tremolo Depth, Chorus Depth, Celester Depth)

Pedal Switch Jack(FS 1, 2) : User Assignable(Sustain, Sostenuto, Soft, Portamento On/Off)

Pedal Control Jack(FC) : User Assignable (same as Control Slider Function + Aftertouch)

Panic : All note off(with Pitchbend Sensitivity, Reset, etc...) Panel

Memory : 6

Display : 16 X 2 Character LCD

Connector : MIDI(In, Out X 2), FS 1, FS 2, FC

Dimension(W X D X H) & Weight :1270 X 350 X 114mm, 23kg

Color : Black

Comments About the Sounds:
It's a hammer action master controller. No sound.

(Thanks to Big. J for this info.)

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