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  Rozzbox One At a Glance
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Bastiaan van de Werk writes:
This is a secret weapon of sonic destruction.

This box takes off where the SIDstation comes to a grinding halt. It's the German alternative to the evolver in some ways. Basically it's a cheap synth, built by a German genius. The unit has 4 digital oscillators (one is hidden in the menu's), digital filters and envelopes all based on a cheap programmable processor chip instead of expensive DSP. There's your regular square waves and saw waves but also some digital single cycle wave table like waves (without the smooth transition of the Waldorfs, mind you!) two of which you can upload using midi. Most of the parameters are directly editable using the knobs and switches on the front panel. You can change the filter characteristics, add FM, change the way the unit distorts etc. using a innovate 'scrolling-8-segmented-led-display'. It's hard to describe, but once you get the hang of it, it works like a charm.

On the right hand side you can add some extra crisp to the sound by turning down the bit resolution (from 16 to 1 bit), turning ON aliasing, by switching the digital filter to 'chaos' mode and by turning down the bit rate.

For about 300 Euro you get the box with an extra analogue filter and an extra 'memory stick'. You can combine the digital and the analogue filter for some awesome sounds (you lose Osc 3 though). Don't think it HAS to sound trashy and crunchy: I got it to sound sweet, pretty and sexy too.

The only con I can think of is that only about 40 or so units have been produced so far. The coolest thing is that all units are made by hand, including the awesome wooden side panels.

Comments About the Sounds:
This boxs sizzles, it oomphs, it cracks and pops, it screams, grinds, swooshes and bangs.

(Thanks to Bastiaan van de Werk for this info.)

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