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  VK-8 At a Glance
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Jeff Sepeta ( writes:
First off, the VK8 has WATERFALL Keys -- just like a real Hammond. Second, this bad Mofo has Roland's COSM amp-modelling technology. Now why would you worry about your Amp when playing a digital organ? Because COSM gives it the BALLS that you'd hear from a real tube-powered B3 -- "Gimme Some Lovin", "Smoke on the Water", and all that. Also this sucker has a second MIDI input for using MIDI bass pedals, and stores some 64 presets that are all modifiable to user configurations. There are some funky things I'll rarely use -- like the built-in shameful piano/strings/vocal layer and the sweet D-Beam controller for modulating sounds with the wave of your hand, but all-in-all, this is one kickass organ.

Comments About the Sounds:
absolutely the best organ emulation i've seen. the built-in COSM amp modeller lets you get screetching highs and rumbling lows. also has built-in chorus/vibrato, leslie, and all kinds of reverb -- including spring reverb, right down to the THWAK it makes if you jolt a spring reverb unit.

(Thanks to Jeff Sepeta for this info.)
and Herbert Baioco for the pic

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